When You Are Feeling Low Vibe- Transparency


Sensational Soul!

We all have these days…you just feel like things are taking so long to come to fruition. I understand how you feel. I know it can be frustrating when you have your life goals and desires you really want in your life- and you really want them now. Why is it taking so long? Why is it so hard? Why do others seem to obtain so easily?

Believe me, I, too, have asked these questions. You see last year during this month I had NO idea I was going to publish a book. I always wanted to write and do something to help others, but I didn’t actually see myself doing it. I was scared. I feared failure. I feared what others would think of me.

Today I am feeling low vibe. I am going to be transparent with you for a moment and disclose something: when I envisioned my book being published, I envisioned thousands of souls all over the world using it to help them manifest their dreams and a better life for themselves! I published at the beginning of January. I have sold hundreds of books, I have received SO MANY success stories from souls all around the world from my book. And today? Today I am feeling sorry for myself because I thought by now, the end of May, my book would have reached MANY more souls around the world. I thought by now I would have had thousands of sales- which means thousands of LIVES are being changed for the way better!

I spent today napping, writing, watching reruns of Big Bang Theory, and just reflecting on why it seems other people can quickly achieve their goals and it’s been almost 6 months since I’ve published and I feel like I am so far behind with my business, Manifest It!, as Journal Girl Jaclyn. These last 2 weeks I have lost email followers, people have dropped out of my free Facebook group, I just feel like I’m totally losing my connection to the souls I really want to help. I work full time for physicists, so I am often feeling like “I don’t have enough time to grow my business”. This is my story I am telling myself, anyway, for the reason why I am moving at a turtle-like pace these past few months.

This is where I know I am human: I am comparing myself and my own success to other people. We all have ups and downs, we are human after all. I received another 5-star review on Amazon today and it totally lifted my spirits! I am truly thankful to be able to help the hundreds of people I have helped so far. So why am I so melancholy?

I am trying to control everything again…I cannot do this because this only pushes the manifestations further away. I’m telling you all of this because I learned last year that you CANNOT try to control your surroundings, or your environment. You cannot and should not try to FORCE anything. And we ALL have gifts that influence the world, we cannot and should not compare ourselves to other people’s success.

When you have a low vibe day like this it is important to remember and remind yourself of ALL of your blessings- even the small ones like that yummy piece of chocolate.

So this is what I asked myself today during my Mastering Your Mindset journaling:

1) Why do I feel so sad?

2) What has happened in the last year that I am proud of happening?

3) Around this time last year what was I hoping for in my life?

4) Why do I want to manifest what I currently want to manifest?

5) What are my current challenges in overcoming my blocks in order to manifest what I am currently manifesting?

6) What do I love about myself and about my business? What do I love about my life? What do I love about my relationships with others?

7) Feeling the way I do today is only a “story” I am telling myself. Why is it only a “story”? What can I say, think, feel, and do to rebuke my “story”?

Try these out in your mindset journaling and let me know what you come up with, you’ve got this! Remember, everything is temporary, even your own thoughts and feelings. It’s okay to not be okay sometimes; but, don’t allow it to unpack and live within your mindset. Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings, and allow them to pass through you because they are only “stories”.

Focus on the thoughts and feelings that empower you and lift you up. Surround yourself with a support system that elevates you. And most of all, focus on what you DO WANT because the Universe has a special time and a special way for your soul’s highest happiness. It can be hard to realize this sometimes. TRUST the Universe, it IS manifesting exactly what you want. Relax, have fun, and enjoy your soul’s path along the way.

Tomorrow is a new day. Usually having low vibes are followed by wonderful breakthroughs. A wave pulls back before it surges forward. A bow pulls the arrow back before it propels forward. You’ve got this! Keep going!

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn


Do You Forgive?


Hey Sensational Souls!

I have a question for you: do you forgive yourself for your past and/or present? Most of us stay stagnant in life because we are so hard on ourselves, but really we (ourselves) are our harshest critics. The majority of people spend the majority of their energy focusing on themselves. The ones who spend the majority of their energy focusing on others are only doing so because they are too SCARED to look inward and become more AWARE of their soul’s calling. Think about it. The majority of people who spend the majority of their energy focusing on others are the types of souls who would rather feel comfortable in “the same” day-to-day mindset, even if they are truly not happy and they do not love themselves. And why would we want to spend the majority of our OWN energy trying to please others who do not even love themselves?

You are currently manifesting your life desires, right? Are you allowing your inability to forgive yourself keep you from receiving your new reality? It’s okay if you are right now because you get TO CHOOSE at ANY time to change directions. You ARE allowed to change directions any time you desire, you do not have to continue down the same path you were before because it NO LONGER serves you for your soul’s highest happiness. You ARE allowed to be happy, and you are not expected to always please others by “should” or “need” or any other story you tell yourself that doesn’t speak to your soul’s path!

I was thinking about one of my own life goals and I realized SO MUCH this past week: I realized that by continuing to allow my own “stories” I continue to deem as “truth”, I am allowing myself to remain stagnant. It is no wonder I haven’t received this specific manifestation just yet!

During my mindset journaling I asked myself the following:

1) What is my biggest challenge at the moment with regards to manifesting my desire?
2) What am I telling myself throughout the day, each day, with regards to my desire?
3) WHY am I telling myself these thoughts throughout the day, each day, with regards to my desire?
4) What happened while growing up that cause these types of thoughts I tell myself throughout the day, each day?
5) How can I still fulfill my need of self-love, but in choosing a different mindset direction?

Once I was able to identify and understand WHY, I could start focusing on forgiving others, and most important, forgiving myself. While forgiveness does not always happen instantaneously, it DOES happen because you have a new mindset direction you ARE using and you ARE shifting through daily conscious practice. And in doing this you are opening your soul’s and mindset’s channel of communication WITH the Universe!

Your soul and your mindset work with the Universe simultaneously, so CLEAR OUT what no longer serves you for your highest happiness, and make way for your new reality to come speedily into your physical realm! It may feel uncomfortable for a few days in doing so, but I promise you will feel so liberated afterwards and when you UNDERSTAND where these “stories” are coming from within your mindset, you are able to release them much more easily and quickly. Then? Notice, while in ease, as the magic starts to happen for you. Whew! That’s a weight off our backs!

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Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

Dr. Wayne Dyer Said It


I’ve been stuck in bed for the last 2 days with horrible tonsil allergies. Can’t sleep, can’t eat much; however, my brain is constantly going like the Energizer bunny. I began thinking about how much potential we have as human beings because of our brain, yet we refuse to utilize it in the way we are meant to utilize it. I admit, today I put off my Mastering Your Mindset journaling (mainly because I feel so bad physically). However, I realize given the prompts that I am currently using…I am actually choosing to stay “ignorant” because I fear what may come up during my mindset journaling. I fear what I will realize. Last week was such a powerfully confronting week for me mentally and emotionally. I am not sure if I can handle another round of this holy shifting experience! It was super confronting and I had several Eureka moments.

Nonetheless, I didn’t get to where I am TODAY by choosing to ignore my brain’s capacity. I didn’t get to where I am TODAY with all of my blessings I received by choosing NOT to investigate WHY I was remaining stagnant in my life. I didn’t get to where I am TODAY with EVERYTHING I manifested in the SAME YEAR (last year) by choosing to deny and run away.

I was able to receive my new reality BECAUSE I utilized my brain and developed my mindset in the most soul-empowering rewarding way- and not all rewards come sugar-coated and wrapped in beautiful packaging. Sometimes your AMAZING rewards come covered in dirt, think of gemstones. Sometimes you have to DIG DEEP, first, and identify your limiting blocks and learn how to RELEASE them– which is TOTALLY doable by performing daily Mastering Your Mindset journaling. I am one of the most STUBBORN people in the world and if I could do it, and am still doing it last week and this week, I KNOW you can do it, too! Keep going! You CAN do this! Give yourself a pat on the back, you ARE doing great! Give yourself a break, stop being so hard on yourself, keep exploring your soul and your mindset, you ARE leveling UP this way and the Universe IS rewarding you. I promise! You’ve got this!

I am SO READY to stare tomorrow in the face and…

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

Having Those Aha Moments- It Really IS Past Fears!


You know, it’s funny…

…just yesterday I was feeling “stuck” around my progress with my second book and my progress as a mindset LOA mentor. What did I do? I opened up my first book to a random page and did the Mastering Your Mindset journaling prompts on that page. I was able to successfully bust through my mental and emotional walls between last night and day around what I was feeling stuck with in my life! Ahhh, the feelings of breakthroughs! Love it!

This is another reason WHY I love this journal workbook! Even after you’ve gone through it the first time around, you can still utilize it on a DAILY basis for whatever else you are currently manifesting into your physical realm. I was able to UNBLOCK some limiting thoughts I had going on inside of my head yesterday that were causing my FEARS to creep back up to the surface.

Here is what I did:

I identified what my fearful blocks were, I explored WHY I was having them, then I asked myself if it’s truly NEEDED to continue to hold on to them. Afterward, I pondered what could happen if I just RELEASE these limiting thoughts/beliefs, and then I REALIZED I don’t need to continue to HOLD ON to these kinds of thoughts and beliefs. I know I am human, so of course I am going to have fears from time to time that creep back up; however, I KNOW these limiting thoughts and beliefs are actually NO LONGER SERVING MEfor MY HIGHEST GOOD and my HIGHEST HAPPINESS. Once I had my “aha” moment this morning of realizing I was allowing PAST fears to want to creep up, it was like, BAM! BREAKTHROUGHS! YES!

Grab your copy for only $11.11 (or via Kindle for $7.77)! And please do let me know what all YOU manifest into your life (and you will)! Keep going, you’ve got this!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn

What I Do When I’m Feeling Off Kilter- LOVE


Hey Sensational Souls!

Who is ready for some positive vibes after this week!? I know I AM! One of the most important things about manifesting your life goals and desires is to be putting yourself and your happiness FIRST.

And remember, a belief is NOT scientific, it’s NOT a fact. A belief is a thought you give a lot of power to, you can CHOOSE to change your thoughts at ANY time. Furthermore, with daily practice, you CAN choose to change your beliefs!

Every Friday in our Facebook community, Manifest It!, I provide Mastering Your Mindset journaling prompts to help YOU get from point I wish to point I HAVE/I AM! Here is a sneak peak of this weekend’s Mastering Your Mindset:

Here we go! Make sure to write out the sentences in FULL when you finish them.

1) True or false: I allow the “outside” (other people, what I read and hear about what’s going on in the world) to completely sway how I choose to go about my day.

2) If I didn’t give any importance to what others thought about me and how I live my life, I would be thinking…(finish the sentence 15 times)

3) If I didn’t give any importance to what others thought about me and how I live my life, I would be feeling…(finish the sentence 15 times)

4) If I didn’t give any importance to what others thought about me and how I live my life, I would be acting/doing…(finish the sentence 25 times)

5) What I love about myself is that…(finish this sentence 25 times)

6) What I love about the fact that I can take charge of myself and my thoughts at any given moment in time is that…(finish the sentence 15 times)

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Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn