You Are NOT Stuck!

You aren't stuck, you just feel stuck. There is a HUGE difference. Release the past and start being your own empowering storyteller of your present and of your future. Start NOW. Tomorrow is not promised, so start today! You've got this!🌌💜☄🥂 Release Your Fear & ManiFAST: Manifest Faster! XOXO Jaclyn Grab your FREE Mastering ManiFASTing … Continue reading You Are NOT Stuck!

How Is Your Relationship With Regret?

Hey Sensational Soul! As I sit here writing this while watching my pets sleepily snore on a Sunday afternoon, I am (like usual) contemplating life and our role on this planet. I had a conversation with someone yesterday who is stuck in a pattern of "reacting" vs. responding when it comes to life. I saw the … Continue reading How Is Your Relationship With Regret?