This Is The REAL Reason

Just leaving this right here for anyone who needs the reminder... You know what I always say: keep going! Be gentle with yourself, love yourself, keep training your mindset towards a place of positivity. You ARE worthy and you ARE enough. Your life is transitioning into a more abundant and prosperous life when you keep … Continue reading This Is The REAL Reason

How Do You Write YOUR Story?

HEY SENSATIONAL SOUL! Do you react or respond? When things happen, do you instantly react? Do you allow your emotions to take over? Do you allow your thoughts and emotions to completely overrule the circumstance? Do you allow OTHERS to dictate what you should think and/or how you should feel? Or, do you respond? Do you stop … Continue reading How Do You Write YOUR Story?

What Is Your Choice?

We can allow ourselves to focus on what we like, want, and are thankful for; or, we can allow ourselves to focus on a lack mentality. Either way, we get to decide, and what we decide creates our reality. Science shows you can train your cognitive behaviors. I have been through cognitive therapy and it … Continue reading What Is Your Choice?