Calling It ALL In!

Hey Sensational Soul! When you wake up each morning, what are your habitual thoughts? Be honest with yourself, now. What are your typical, habitual thoughts while brushing your teeth and turning on the coffee machine? If you’ve answered to yourself something along the lines of producing limiting and scarcity thoughts, it’s okay! We are going … Continue reading Calling It ALL In!

Gratitude Is The Attitude

Declare it, declare it out loud! You ARE what you are manifesting! It IS what you are manifesting! It IS done! Gratitude Is The Attitude Put your favorite song on repeat, light your favorite candle, and get into that feeling zen place as you journal out the following in WHATEVER comes to mind in the … Continue reading Gratitude Is The Attitude

A Great BIG Thank You! + Worry Purges = Magic

Hey Sensational Soul! I just want to take a few minutes and send a great BIG thank you for making my book, Don't Feel Stuck! Journaling Methods to Transform Your Mindset & Live in Universal Abundance, a part of your life! Every day I am receiving more and more positive feedback about how my Mastering Your Mindset methods have helped … Continue reading A Great BIG Thank You! + Worry Purges = Magic

Are You TIRED Of Feeling Stuck!?

Hey Sensational Soul! Are you TIRED of feeling stuck!? I have an empowering training FOR YOU May 11-13th! Here is what the transformative boot-camp entails: - Friday, May 11th, at night our first Mastering Your Mindset training gets posted into our private Facebook group! - Saturday, May 12th, our second Mastering Your Mindset training gets posted! - Sunday, May … Continue reading Are You TIRED Of Feeling Stuck!?

3 Key Questions:

Hey Sensational Soul! My client sent this TED Talk video to me and I find he speaks a lot of what I teach to so many souls all around the world: live by your soul's calling because what seems impossible is actually possible! The only reason why you deem it to be impossible is because you THINK … Continue reading 3 Key Questions: