Despite You Wanting To Unravel…


Look, I get it. These last few weeks have been really hectic and stressful. You are not alone, and no, you are not the only one feeling these unsettling feelings. Lately, it’s like every day you wake up and think, “Please just let me get through this day.” And then you put your big girl or big boy panties on and you hit the Keurig machine before scrambling out the door to face the world.

I get it. Everything around you is so hectic you feel like the world is spinning, and not from the fun place that a few glasses of wine or beer can give to you. You are putting on the fun music, you do your yoga or meditation, you even take that 20-minute nap each day to revitalize you. And yet, you still feel like you are forgetting to breathe because you blink and 12 hours have gone by and you barely got anything done!

We all have these crazy busy days, especially this time of the year when things rev up again with school starting and the Labor Day holiday is coming up. And I’m only mentioning just a few things because I don’t want your heartbeat to race up again! But guess what…okay, sit down for this because it’s a BIG tip to help you get back INTO alignment and STAY in alignment on a daily basis. Are you ready for it?

Mastering Your Mindset journaling.

Yep. Even if you just take 5-10 minutes out of your day writing down your positive affirmations with conviction, it’s gonna help you level back UP into that positive-feeling place. Write out how thankful you are for everything, including your sense of smell. Write out your affirmations of everything you are manifesting into your physical sphere and write them out as IS (meaning, you already have it, you already are doing it, you already ARE it). You want to be a best-selling author? BAM! Write out and state it with conviction because you ARE a best-selling author. You wanna be working in the medical industry? Write it out in detail about how thankful you are to be the top nurse in the prenatal wing. You want to be 20 lbs lighter? You ARE 20 lbs lighter because your body is so beautiful and you feel so energized as you strut around in your bikini on the beach.

You gotta match your desires to the energy of what you are currently manifesting. And the best way to do it? DESPITE feeling like you don’t have enough time in the day to even take a potty break or adjust your bra in the bathroom for 45 seconds…if you truly desire to be your next-level, version 2.0 new reality, you gotta COMMIT to your visualizations and to your gratitude. And you dial UP your energy, tune the station’s frequency as Abraham Hicks likes to refer to it as, and you do it DAILY.

You want that fancy car? You want that $100,000.00 CASH? You want that big job promotion? And even to find your best friend and twin flame/soulmate? And you want it SOONER rather than LATER? You gotta be committed to your self-love, your self-awareness, your self-spiritual awakening, and your self-evolution.

This is an ongoing process and you DO manifest either exactly what you want; OR, something even BETTER manifests into your physical realm in the Divine timing that is for your soul’s highest happiness. If you got everything you wanted right away, it wouldn’t be valuable to you and you wouldn’t truly believe and have faith in anything. It wouldn’t feel like a HELL YES once you receive it! Use these hectic days like these past few weeks to really check in with your mindset. Repeat your affirmations in your head over and over again, and DO you Mastering Your Mindset journaling! If you are feeling stuck, it’s time to re-evaluate WHY you are remaining stagnant in your mindset: your thoughts, your beliefs, your life.

We are not promised tomorrow, we only have today. The time is NOW. So seize the day!

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Be the spiritual badass that you KNOW you ARE underneath your layers of fear, doubt, hopelessness, and every other limiting thought and feeling that you ALLOW yourself to have. You get to choose, YOU are the one who is in the driver’s seat.


Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn


Abundance: You Gotta Dial It Up!


Think about where you were 1 year ago. Now think about where you currently are in the present moment. On average people’s lives have significant changes every 6 months.

I have a question for you: how often do you perform your Mastering Your Mindset work?

Is it monthly? Weekly? (Dare I ask it) Annually? What about daily?

Hint: more abundance comes into your life when you perform your Mastering Your Mindset work DAILY.

It’s Like A Dial On Your Music Player

Each day turn the volume up just a little bit more when you do your mindset work. What do I mean by this? Use your powerful visualization skills and IMAGINE your version 2.0 next-level self as IS in the present. Journal it all out in how you are feeling, what your beliefs are as your next-level self, what you are doing each day, how your overall energy is as your version 2.0 self, and anything else that comes to mind as IS in your next-level self. You gotta dial it up bit by bit each day, Baby!

Check In With Your Trust Levels

Also, you gotta dial UP your trust level with the Universe. Whenever you feel yourself off-kilter, this is your moment to really check in with your trust levels and fall even more into surrendering to the Universe! Remember, the Universe responds to your vibrations that you emit. So KEEP GOING with Mastering Your Mindset, clear out your mindset beliefs that no longer serve your soul’s truest purpose on this journey, and surrender yourself by trusting into the Universe’s “how” and “timing”. You ARE receiving your life goals, it’s done. You gotta take inspired actions and turn up the dial of your abundance in your mindset beliefs and through your inspired actions DAILY.

What would your next-level, version 2.0 self think? Believe? How would you trust? How would your energy be? What would your decisions be? What would your faith be while on your journey? What would you be doing?

Limited Time Promo!

Lately I have realized a lot of you beautiful souls out there are feeling very stuck with regards to money, love, self-love, confidence, and faith. I’ve decided that I’m going to give back to the Universe and I have lowered my 12-day empowering program: Unblock Into Alignment: The Deep Dive! It’s ONLY $17 for a limited time! Note: After you receive your payment confirmation from Paypal, be sure to click “Return to Merchant” to finish signing up and receive your program into your email’s inbox!

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Happy Manifesting!

And as I always remind you (because we are not promised tomorrow, we only have TODAY)…

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

How I Received An Extra $3K In 6 Months


Hey Sensational Soul!

About a year ago my business coach taught me how to track my money with a money spreadsheet. In addition, I have been working on my money mindset for the past 7 months. Last year I manifested an extra $4K in one lump sum.

Since then I have been receiving the green over time. One thing I wouldn’t have noticed is how I received an extra $3K in 6 months if I hadn’t been paying attention to my awareness. It’s so easy to get caught up in distractions.

So many of us are constantly focusing on what is lacking that we forget what all we have already received and are receiving. This is why having a money tracking system is vital when it comes to shifting your money mindset beliefs.

In addition, spiritual growth a daily practice, a daily progression, a continual process. It IS your journey.

But there is much more to manifesting money that so many souls don’t realize: everything in this Universe is ENERGY. Everything. And “money” is the same thing as “chocolate”.

Money is whatever you want it to be. And money is as limitless for you as much as your mindset beliefs allow you to receive. You ARE abundant in energy. Therefore, you ARE abundant in money. Tune into the energy of abundance and watch the magic start flowing into your physical realm.

PS- Do you know your money struggles are tied in with your fears and beliefs that have NOTHING to do with money? Yep. Like I said, everything is energy. So you equate the need for money in desperation because you are still holding on to other mindset beliefs that are tied to your self-worth.

Unblock Into Alignment: The Deep Dive! is 12 empowering days of transforming your mindset beliefs that are leaving you feeling stuck and stagnant in life. Want to clear out what no longer serves you for your soul’s highest happiness in order to make room for all of the abundance your soul is truly hungry for in your life? Unblock Into Alignment: The Deep Dive! Baby! $17, 12 transformational days, both audio and digital, keep the program for LIFE, and SHIFT yourself INTO abundance! See you in the program!


Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

Procrastination & Clutter: My Guide to Clearing Out & Allowing In


Hey Sensational Soul!

We all have those days…we just don’t feel like doing ANYTHING. I have 4 things I need to do around my home and I keep putting them off because I just don’t feel like doing it.

And the more time passes, the more it lingers in my mind that I STILL need to do it. And these dreaded thoughts are causing me to dial down more and more within my state of feeling GOOD and in flow.

We all have these moments, including ME. I do not like procrastination at all, but lately I have been procrastinating on these home chores. During my daily Mastering Your Mindset journaling, I stepped outside of my own mindset and asked myself, “What would I tell myself in order to turn the dial back UP within my flow of abundance?” Here is what I came up with in my answer:

– Do something that gets you into feeling good and in flow first for about 10 minutes. Then tackle 1 chore for today.

– If lighting candles or putting on good music gets you into flow, do this while tackling 1 chore for today.

– Schedule your calendar to do 1 chore today, 1 chore tomorrow, and so on and so forth (and make sure to do the above each day to get yourself into that feeling good place).

– Give yourself mental pats on the back for each thing you do! Seriously, I know it sounds so silly, but the point is to stay in a feeling GOOD state of flow. I love to check-mark when I’m done doing something…so I write out what my chores are and I check-mark them when I’m done (mental pat on the back).

– I relish in my feelings of accomplishment after completing each task. I am my own cheerleader! These are the types of feelings you want to sustain, so do some free-flow Mastering Your Mindset journaling for about 10 minutes afterward journaling out how proud you are of yourself because…(and it can be about ANYTHING about yourself in general).

Is It Time to Declutter Anything?

Every few months I like to survey the areas I spend the most time in and tidy up the area. In order to successfully ALLOW IN what you are manifesting, you gotta make room for it! So is there anything in your space that you can CLEAR OUT in order to make room for your new blessings to be allowed in? Like your bag, wallet, car, desk, pantry, fridge, etc.?

No matter what you are currently manifesting, tidying up, organizing, and clearing out in order to make room for the NEW definitely works! It doesn’t even have to be related to what you are manifesting! This is because clutter in general actually affects your mental health. How can you successfully ALLOW IN what you are manifesting if you are mentally feeling stressed? You may not even realize it, but your stress levels affect both your conscious and subconscious state. So clear out what no longer serves you in the physical realm in order to make ROOM for your new blessings!

It’s Time to Declutter Your Mindset Beliefs!

This makes it SO MUCH EASIER to manifest whatever it is you are calling into your physical realm! In addition, decluttering allows your mindset to take a load off in order to successfully identify and RELEASE mental hang-ups that you are currently holding on to within yourself. PS- I’m still running my promo for Unblock Into Alignment: The Deep Dive! If you are feeling STUCK trying to manifest your dreams and desires, it’s time to declutter your mindset thoughts AND your mindset beliefs that no longer serve you. We gotta make room for your manifestations to literally come into your physical realm! Grab your promo while it’s still available!

It’s time for me to turn on some great music and go tackle those house chores in order to make ROOM for my NEW blessings!

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

When You Feel Defeated As Fuck & You Want To Give In


These past two days have been ROUGH on me mentally and emotionally. Normally I am a HUGE hustler, but in all honesty I feel I have been run over by an 18-wheeler and I feel defeated as fuck being an entrepreneur right now.

I started my business almost a year ago and while I have accomplished a LOT this past year, I still sometimes suffer from the comparison syndrome: I keep looking around at all these people who seem to have it all together online in their businesses and I ask myself, “how am I different? How can I help thousands of souls all around the world AND BE DIFFERENT? How do I stand out from this crowded cyberspace?”

Then I got a kick in the ass from my multi-millionaire business coach and she gave me the mental shaking I needed to receive: even if I didn’t have this business, even if I didn’t make a single penny doing my soul’s purpose work, would it REALLY make a difference?

This brings me to the point at hand: what is your SOUL telling you?

Strip away the online fakeness that tends to circulate and have us feeling like we aren’t doing enough in our own lives. Strip away those negative voices in our heads telling us we “aren’t good enough”. And yes, even strip away that green ink on paper we call money- a lot of people online pretend to have a lot of money anyway. Note: I said “pretend”.

I was actually feeling sorry for myself yesterday. I was having a bit of a pity party because I PRIDE myself in being honest. I PRIDE myself in being real. And I PRIDE myself in working my ass off in life. But I will swallow my pride and tell you I lost touch with my soul yesterday. My EGO came to the surface. I was whining and complaining to myself, to my business coach, and to my own boyfriend. I was feeling so fucking sorry for myself. And what did it do for me?

Absolutely nothing other than keep me submerged within a negative vortex. I got my much needed reality check today and I realize now that THIS IS ALL part of THE PROCESS. What I didn’t realize until now is that I was meant to go through this downward spiral for almost 24 hours because I AM SHEDDING fearful thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve my soul for its highest happiness in life.

I feel like a snake shedding my dead skin. I feel like I’m slithering out of my old and limiting thoughts and beliefs because I am LETTING GO and RELEASING what is holding me back from a mental and emotional standpoint. How CAN I grow and evolve as a soul if I continue to hold on to what NO LONGER serves me for my soul’s highest purpose? How CAN I do my soul’s purpose work if I, myself, don’t grow and evolve as a human being?

I realize now that I’m completely NORMAL and I’m completely HUMAN. When I listen to what my soul is telling me, it’s telling me that it’s okay to shed these fearful and limiting thoughts, and it’s okay to sometimes have internally downward moments, and that what I was currently thinking and feeling is coming to the surface so that I CAN grow and evolve even MORE SO into my version 2.0 badass superhero that I KNOW (my SOUL KNOWS) I am and beginning to show in life.

This time last year I was super scared to be on audio or video. Now I am frequently doing both, kicking my fears to the curb, and I AM helping thousands of souls all around the world every day. Whether or not I make a cent from it…that’s truly up to the Universe of WHEN and HOW. Yes, I CHOOSE to ALLOW IN monetary wealth, but my soul truly feels if I weren’t even making a cent doing what I’m doing, well fuck it, I’d STILL be doing this anyway because it’s a HELL YES for me within my soul! I’m MEANT to be publishing books to help so many souls in this world, I’m MEANT to be blogging like a badass, I’m MEANT to be mentoring and coaching so many of my soul-based, soulmate souls because this is what I’m CALLED to do in my life.

My question for you is: what is your SOUL telling YOU?


And furthermore, are you FOLLOWING what your soul is craving? These kinds of growing pains are perfectly normal to have. It’s perfectly normal for me to have fears around leveling up and around investing even MORE into my business. I’m recording my audiobook of Don’t Feel Stuck! this weekend. I’m also editing my second book right now. Yes, I still have cyber fright (kind of like stage fright, but in the cyber world) despite the fact that my book has helped thousands of people. What if my second book doesn’t do as well?

No matter what we are all feeling and thinking, we must ALWAYS mentally have a “wake-up” call and ask ourselves: what is our SOUL telling US? Are we following our soul’s calling? Because if we are not, and we are making choices based out of FEAR, we are going to REMAIN feeling STUCK in our lives and we will merely be paralyzed while time continues to tick on and we grow older.

This is what’s truly defeating (staying stuck and stagnant in our lives due to fears). Most of what we fear doesn’t even come “true” anyway, unless we give a lot of power and focus TO IT.

So keep going! You are doing so much better than you realize! And no, I’m not a robot: I’m just like you and I have my “shit” moments as well. It’s a choice in how we CHOOSE to respond to these moments for the long-run. What is our soul telling us?

My soul is saying: keep going, Babe. You’ve got this!

And I KNOW you can keep going and you’ve got this, too. Follow your soul, keep plugging away at your dreams because one day you will look back and say to yourself: thank gosh I didn’t give up! Keep showing the Universe what your soul truly wants! Have your crying fit and pick yourself back up because you ARE a total badass at life. You’ve got this!



Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

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– publishing my first book that has sold HUNDREDS of copies so far

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– and there is more, but I can’t even think right now!

I’m going to sign up for my own program so I can kick my current fears to the curb! No sense in allowing them to linger around any longer. Carpe diem! Time to seize the day like the badass I KNOW I am! And you CAN manifest ANYTHING YOU WANT, too! I’m here to help kick your spiritual ass into gear because if I could do it (super stubborn me), then I KNOW you can do it, too! Say it with me: Bye bye fears, go fuck yourself because you are no longer welcomed into my soul’s sphere. You’ve got this! See you in the program!