The Trials & Tribulations in Life

The Trials & Tribulations in Life

Gabby Bernstein

Hey Beautiful Soul,

I worked late nights for 3 weeks composing my book proposal for a publishing company, at their request, after reaching out to me. They have passed on my upcoming 2 books. I was encouraged by a lot of amazing souls on social media and I want to thank each and every one of you for your endless support for my work. I have learned the following information:

Chicken Soup for the SoulJack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen: 144 rejections
The Help, Kathryn Stockett (yes, the award-winning movie was first a book): 60 rejections
CarrieStephen King: 30 rejections
The Thomas Berryman NumberJames Patterson: 31 rejections
A Time to KillJohn Grisham: 28 rejections
And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry StreetDr. Seuss: 23 rejections
A Wrinkle in Time, Madeleine L’Engle: 26 rejections
The Time Traveler’s Wife, Audrey Niffenegger: 25 rejections
The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne Frank: 15 rejections

You can view the full list here

And even J.K. Rowling, the author the Harry Potter series, was rejected 12 times before becoming a household name.


While it pains me these works were rejected so many times, it does give me hope . And I urge for it to give you hope, as well, with regards to anything and everything you are accomplishing in your life (because you ARE accomplishing them all).

I’m truly thankful for everyone’s support thus far for my first 2 best-selling books on Amazon. There is nothing wrong with self-publishing AT ALL. Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, created a wonderful space for so many of us to express our souls and creativity. He makes it easier for us to have a chance at this wild game of publishing. Same with the people of AudibleApple Podcasts, etc. I received a pleasant surprise from the #1 NY TIMES best-seller, Gabby Bernstein, for her amazing supportive comment to me the other day!

And for this I am truly thankful.

I wanted to mix it up and go through a publisher because marketing books is extremely expensive. Plus, I’d like to have the help and support of professional companies. However, I’m not in any way ungrateful for Mr. Bezos paying a lot of my bills for me every year- and none of this would be possible if it weren’t for YOU.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart and soul.

There’s no doubt that there will be many trials and tribulations along the way in taming space for the benefit of all, unmasking its truths and using the boundless resources available to us. Taking a chance allows us to seek new horizons and we all benefit from being horizon hunters. – Buzz Aldrin

Exactly, Buzz, to infinity AND beyond. This goes for YOU and ALL YOUR dreams and desires, too.

XOXO Jaclyn

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Do You Do This with Self-Doubt?


Photo credit: Paxton Maroney

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a publishing company about the 2 books I’m currently writing. I was nervous, excited, and curious all at the same time. I felt pretty good about my correspondence with this company and I was thinking I would hear back from them soon. It has been 10 days and now my self-doubt is starting to creep up on me.

If you have been following me for a while you know I don’t have much patience. When I see something I desire, I go after it and I don’t give up until I have it. But, if you’re new to my spiritual realm, I don’t like to wait and the reason for this is because I truly feel there is nothing to wait for in life. Right? I mean, the Law of Attraction stresses how you don’t need to wait for anything, just match your vibrations.

Nevertheless, my self-doubt comes up sometimes, it’s completely normal to feel this way.

Regardless, I get a choice in how I want to look at this:

1) I could continue to focus on how it’s been 10 days and I haven’t heard back from this publisher…is there something wrong with me? There must be something wrong…what am I doing wrong? Why is everything so hard for me?

(These are the kinds of things I would eventually start telling myself as time goes by and I entertain my self-doubt)


2) I could choose to focus by telling myself something more uplifting…if it doesn’t work out with this publisher, it’s okay. It doesn’t mean I’m not good enough, it just means this is the practice round for the real thing. Everything happens for a reason and I know I’ll have a publisher in the near future. I’m remaining to be open to whatever outcome happens because I know my 2 books are being published and they will help thousands of people around the world.

Self-Doubt Happens, How Do You Choose to Respond?

You always get to choose how you want to respond to any and every situation in life, no matter how bad it is or how amazing it is. And it’s so easy to want to focus on what’s “wrong” with you when in reality there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you at all. I’ve been selected for a full-featured story by a big publication and I’ve been working my tail off trying to get it to be perfect.

But I’m laughing because nothing in life is perfect. The Universe is perfectly not perfect. That’s what is so beautiful about the Universe (the asymmetry of everything around us and, well, us).

A little mental food for thought the next time you feel like beating yourself up over something. I believe in you!

Believe in Your Abundance!

PS- I’m running a BRAND NEW workshop! I created it just for you so you will learn what I’ve learned: how to believe in your own abundance. It may have taken me 2 years to figure this out, but now that I’ve learned it I want to give you the shortcuts so you don’t have to spend 2 years trying to figure it out!

Believe in Your Abundance

October 24-29

You and me in a small and private Facebook group filled with eureka light bulb money realizations! It’s time to TRANSFORM your money beliefs and funnel ALL the money particles into your physical reality. Are you ready to believe in your own abundance? I believe it for you, but now it’s time for you to believe it for yourself and to call it all in TO you!

I can’t wait to transform your beliefs about MONEY! See you soon in the program! If you have any questions reply to this message.

XOXO Jaclyn

Believe in Your Abundance

Thinking About Publishing a Book?

Woman holding an open book bursting with light.

Hey Amazing Soul!

Are you thinking about publishing a book? Well, there are some things to look for when it comes to entrepreneurs and book publishing companies who market to you in wanting to help you with this process.

I Need Your Help: a Survey for My New Book


Hey Amazing Soul!

A few weeks ago I posted in our Facebook’s Manifest It! community that I’m writing a sort of “Chicken Soul for the Soul” type book, but for ManiFASTing all your desires into your physical realm. I am going to perform a few rounds of surveys for you to look over and give your rating because I deeply value your opinion when it comes to my writing and teaching of how to ManiFAST with the Law of Attraction.

This is Where Your Valued Input Comes into Play

I’m taking blog posts from 2017 until the present day (and some for the future) to include in my manifestation-musings book. I plan to divide the sections into themes within this book, but for now I am doing rounds of surveys. Here is Round One and I thank you so much for taking the time to rate the below 3 blogs via my heart-rating system.

This survey is completely anonymous.

1 = is the lowest rating, 5 = the highest rating, for each blog entry.

Blog Survey for Book! Round One

Have a wonderful weekend and remember…

Release Your Fear & ManiFAST: Manifest Faster!

XOXO Jaclyn


My Story Was Featured On The Secret’s Website


So, I did not realize why or how, but I knew this past week my articles on Medium and my blog posts were having a massive influx of reads and views, and I’m talking by the thousands. I couldn’t figure out the surge, but then I realized it:

A year ago I submitted my story to The Secret, you know, that massively huge best-selling book by the beautiful, Rhonda Byrne. I submitted it last year and completely forgot about it. I read the book last year in 3 days, I even photocopied some of it for a physicist, I was trying to turn his mindset around into a more positive state at this time. But I completely forgot I had submitted my story to the site.

I kept getting emails these past few days…but now I get it: my story was featured on The Secret’s website this week!

My Point Is

So even when you don’t really “see” the blessings, they are still coming to you and they are still in existence. It took me a few days for me to realize and SEE what was going on, but that doesn’t mean the blessings weren’t happening altogether. So keep going, sensational soul! You’ve got this!

Unleash your soul, unleash your freedom

Journal Girl Jaclyn