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So thankful to be ranked TOP 12 on this list of self-development books!

They also ranked me in the TOP 7 on their list of helpful books to learn how to build long-lasting self-esteem!

And ranked me in the TOP 4 on their list of most pragmatic self-help books for women!

Thank you, Boove UK!

XOXO Jaclyn

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The Importance of Self-Care with Manifesting

Hey Amazing Soul!

I am sending this to anyone who needs this gentle reminder today:

What are you focusing on?
Is it a limiting thought and/or belief?

Why are you focusing on it?
Is it something that is EXPECTED of you to think and believe from others?
Is it something still NEEDING to serve you in the present?
Why are you choosing to hold on to it in the present?

Think about your soul’s path:

Is it helping you to move TOWARDS your new reality?

What does your soul truly crave? Why?

And if your focus is NOT helping you towards your new reality of having received your desires and goals into your physical sphere, what can you NOW think, feel, and do with your focus to help you move closer to your dreams?


Everyone you admire for being, for doing, or having what your soul is craving is a human being. And YOU are a human being.

The Universe is limitless, it is full of abundance, it is exploding with prosperity and is ready to give to each and every one of you.

And it DOES want to give it to you. It responds to YOU and how you choose to focus most of the time.

The people who ARE, who are DOING, and who HAVE were once in your similar shoes. They had a dream, too, and they went after their dream by taking inspired actions to SHOW the Universe what their soul truly craves.

And you ARE worthy of receiving all your dreams as well. The Universe is so freaking abundant!

You CAN, you WILL, and you ARE right at this very moment. You ARE manifesting your soul’s desires right now.

Keep going. Be gentle and kind to yourself every single day. Love yourself 24/7. You ARE worthy and deserving of this and you ARE manifesting your desires and dreams. Trust the process!

The Universe responds to YOU. The Universe operates in a boomerang effect, it IS giving back to you everything you believe to be true. So, what are you now CHOOSING to funnel into your physical sphere through your focus?

Empower yourself. You’ve got this! Have a beautiful weekend!

Release Your Fear & ManiFast: Manifest Faster!

XOXO Jaclyn

#4 in Most Pragmatic Self-Help Books

The Truth About LOA & Your Limits


Everything really and truly IS how you CHOOSE to perceive your own reality because anything and everything exists all at the SAME time. Crazy, I know; but, here are some tips in how I am able to ManiFAST: Manifest Faster!

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Release Your Fear & ManiFast: Manifest Faster!

XOXO Jaclyn

The Flaws in Others

Do you sometimes know where others are headed in their lives? Almost like you can predict their future. But, yet you aren’t able to see where YOU are headed in your life? You can’t seem to predict your OWN future? And yet, THEY can predict where YOU are heading?

You know how the Law of Attraction implies that what you focus on expands? Well, most humans love to focus on OTHER people’s short-comings and “flaws”. But, it’s so much harder to look inward and see what we can work on within OURSELVES.

What you focus on expands…

You are on the path of your soul’s journey, evolving into a higher consciousness. But when did you get lost? You don’t know the exact moment you get lost when you are in a car driving towards your desired-goal.

Do you know when you got lost while on your soul-purpose journey? Do you know the EXACT moment you got lost while manifesting your desires?

You are always heading into a direction, what if you took a U-turn, instead? What if you changed directions- even just a little bit?

Direction IS where you are doing. What you focus on expands…

So, instead of spending your energy on negative focus, what if you spent 24 hours ONLY focusing on positive energy stemming from within you AND around you?

Because really you are enough. You are more than enough. You ARE an amazing soul. Shine brightly because you are a facet that makes up this gem we call “earth”. And others around you are just like you. And you are just like them. We all come from the same source.

No one truly likes delayed gratification when ManiFasting (Manifesting Faster) all your dreams and desires. But, instead of focusing on the negative energy and pinpointing it onto other souls (“she is this way because…that’s what happens when you…I know he will end up…”), what if you just surrender to the process of ManiFasting and TRUST that ALL of your dreams and desires ARE coming to you?

Reboot your cognitive habits. Delete your negative cache. Make ROOM and clear some space FOR your dreams and desires to emerge into your physical realm. When you focus on the negative energy, you fill up your space with negative distractions.

But when you focus on positive energy, you are giving yourself PERMISSION to attract even MORE positive energy into your physical realm

…because what you focus on expands.

It doesn’t matter “when” your manifestations show up, what matters is how you feel in your life right NOW. Your soul’s purpose IS your path. The direction you CHOOSE to be present with IS where you are heading in your life.

Your manifestations WILL emerge into your physical realm, but how you choose to focus your soul’s direction is what expands INTO your physical realm.

So let me ask you again:

Do you know where you are headed in your life?

PS- Clear your pathway and start focusing on what TRULY matters to you (to your soul), and follow your SOUL’S purpose because THIS is where authentic happiness is on the pathway of life. And when you live by your soul’s authentic happiness, BAM! Your manifestations funnel into your physical realm SO FAST because the Universe likes speed.

“Don’t Feel Stuck!” is the book that has transformed SO MANY SOULS and their LIVES for the BETTER since the beginning of 2018. Now it’s YOUR turn! Grab the best-selling book on Amazon and ManiFAST all your dreams and desires into your life with ease!

Release Your Fear & ManiFast!

XOXO Jaclyn

A Rant on Love- And What to Do About It

Have you ever felt like you had NO CLUE what you were doing in the love department? Or maybe you never have any good luck when it comes to love and relationships?

I’m just like you: I spent the majority of my life completely confused about what constitutes a healthy relationship. I spent my teens and my 20’s trying REALLY hard to get people to approve of me, especially my 3 relationships. I even spent my early 30’s trying to attempt approval from the outside.

The majority of my 36 years I spent trying to PLEASE EVERYONE around me. And what did it do for me? Nothing. Well, maybe not nothing. It DID leave me exhausted, irritated, sad, frustrated, confused, feeling unworthy, and completely emotional most of the time.

I was walking on eggshells around…well, myself.

I’m just like you, or maybe the past you. Either way, my point is, some people may look at me and think I’m “higher” up on the totem pole of life when they follow me on social media. I hate to sugarcoat things, so let me just be blunt for a moment:


Even though I no longer allow myself to be in toxic relationships that leave me feeling completely worthless and crazy, it doesn’t mean I still don’t have my “moments”. I am human. I am a total Badass, yes. But, I am just like you; which means YOU are a total Badass as well. And don’t you even deny it because you ARE!


Release Your Fear & ManiFast!

XOXO Jaclyn

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