Welcome Change to Receive Faster

It's the middle of 2019 and I am wondering how you're doing with your goals for this year? I found my list I created in January and looked at it again. I accomplished 2 goals out of the 8 goals on it so far. Sometimes you feel like your desires and goals are being stagnant, as if you feel like it will always be this way. But...

You’ve Asked the Universe For Your Desire, Now What?

So, you've asked the Universe for what you want, but now you're feeling confused about how to get it and why it hasn't shown up yet. I used to be in your exact shoes. I was feeling confused, frustrated, and hopeless when it came to improving my life. But, then I performed an experiment on myself in 2017 and I manifested 99%...

The Importance of Self-Care with Manifesting

Hey Amazing Soul! I am sending this to anyone who needs this gentle reminder today: What are you focusing on? Is it a limiting thought and/or belief? Why are you focusing on it? Is it something that is EXPECTED of you to think and believe from others? Is it something still NEEDING to serve you in the … Continue reading The Importance of Self-Care with Manifesting

The Truth About LOA & Your Limits

Everything really and truly IS how you CHOOSE to perceive your own reality because anything and everything exists all at the SAME time. Crazy, I know; but, here are some tips in how I am able to ManiFAST: Manifest Faster! https://youtu.be/gmfxMh4gBc4 Grab Your FREE Mastering ManiFASTing training and learn how to ManiFAST: https://www.manifestit.online Release Your … Continue reading The Truth About LOA & Your Limits