I Feel Guilty for Wanting to be in Alignment

I Feel Guilty for Wanting to be in Alignment


I’ve been crying, I’ve had anxiety, worry, anger, frustration, sadness, you name the negative feelings and I’ve felt them this week. I’ve been called things I don’t even want to repeat because I believe in equality, and I’m a huge fan of Martin Luther King Jr.’s philosophy.

I’m criticized because I say things like, “violence doesn’t solve violence.”

Or, “We don’t live in a ‘this or that’ world, we live in a ‘this AND that’ world. But, we cannot accept all our unique features that make up this beautiful planet.”

I felt shame and guilt for publishing my latest podcast episode earlier this week. While it was recorded around the second week of May discussing how to maintain your alignment during fearful and stressful times, a lot in the world has changed since then.

It went from solely worrying about the effects of the pandemic, to now worrying about it AND the inclusion and safety for ourselves and the people we love. The United States is in turmoil and I really don’t know what I can say or do to fix it. I am hurting and I’m scared for everyone. And yet, I am SO THANKFUL other countries in our amazing world are coming together to support love and equality for people of color.

I just want you to know I’m thinking about all of you and I hope you stay safe and healthy during COVID-19 and these challenging times. Always believe in yourself and the power that is within you. Let’s come together and support each other, please.

I will never back down for trying to promote peace and love for everyone.

You are amazing, never forget this.


Being Fearful During the Coronavirus

Being Fearful During the Coronavirus


I hope you’re safe and healthy during this time. It’s easy to allow your mind to go to fear, especially during this time. During these moments I focus on my breathing slowly and deeply each time I feel a panic try to rise within me. While I breathe slowly and deeply, I imagine myself in my “happy place”, which is being in my comfy bed, surrounded by comfy pillows and blankets. Of course, my loved ones and pets are with me.

I urge you to do the same with breathing exercises and focusing on YOUR happy place whenever you feel a panic start to rise within you. Because chosen focus is a strong decision and action.

I know it’s a scary time for some of us right now with the virus. Please continue to adhere to the advice of washing your hands often and staying at home as much as you can so you’re participating in social distancing. I’m going to stay home and work for a bit to adhere to this advice.

I want to tell you that you are okay and you’re going to be okay.

I love you all and I believe in each of you. I have been on vacation the past few days for my birthday. I will resume normal hourly 1:1 consultations starting this Wednesday, 3/18/2020.

Have a safe and beautiful week! Thank you so much for your bday wishes to me, I truly appreciate you so much. Remember to use your daily affirmations, feel free to use one of mine:

I am okay and I choose to trust the process of receiving with ease.

Stand Ground with Your Truth, It Gives You Power

Stand Ground with Your Truth, It Gives You Power


There are so many voices and opinions in the world: you should do this, it’s best to do that…

When I used to allow others to dictate my own happiness, I felt so overwhelmed and out of control. I was constantly emotionally reacting, I really felt I was standing on shaky ground…because I was… for my own sanity.

My message is always the same to everyone- including reminding myself while looking in the mirror:

Stand Ground with Your Truth

Today I encourage you to WRITE OUT what your own truth is to YOU when it comes to your career, your love-life, and your overall happiness.

There is no “right” way or “wrong” way underneath the layers of maybes and uncertainties if it feels good to YOU.

You’re manifesting whatever it is you allow yourself to put up with in life.

Write out and finish this sentence at least 6 times:

When I disregard what anyone else says or thinks about me and my career/life, I know in truth…

Finish it with what the truth means to you, FOR you, FOR your career, FOR your love-life, and FOR your overall mental well-being.

You’ve got this! I totally believe in you.

XOXO Jaclyn

You Keep Going

You Keep Going


Whether you made a mistake, missed out on an opportunity, overreacted to a situation, overspent on something, anything and everything that you are currently beating yourself up over right at this moment…keep going.

It’s okay. You’re okay. You’re doing so much better than you realize. And even better opportunities are coming to you, FOR you, soon. Keep going. Forgive yourself because you are human. The energy of up and down movement gain more momentum, anyway. A straight line on a singular plane doesn’t have the same momentum. The ups and downs are what help energy to gain momentum, and the ups and downs in your life are helping YOU gain momentum towards your dreams and desires. YES.

Perseverance and resilience are your two new best friends. Serve them some love and attention.

PS- Trust the process because the Universe is working behind the scenes right at this moment FOR you. Trust and keep moving and grooving. You’re a badass rockstar. Don’t forget it!

XOXO Jaclyn

(Enjoy the doggie doing yoga)

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Sometimes

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Sometimes


Hey Beautiful Soul,

I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. I spent mine reflecting on my work, reflecting on what the definition of “rejection” is, thinking about my purpose in the world…and let’s not forget, Christmas shopping! The season is well upon us now.

I want to check in with you and ask you how you are doing this holiday season? Reply and let me know!

It’s okay if you are feeling a little down, a bit blue, and/or even stressed out right now.

Basically, it’s okay to not be okay sometimes.

Acknowledge how you feel and make the empowering decision to allow it to pass through you by focusing on your blessings. For me, I love to snuggle with my pets, talk to my sweet chemist, drink yummy coffee, enjoy the cold weather, and write.

What about you? What gets you into the holiday season? Reply and let me know!


For this next year, 2020, I am publishing my money manifesting book (thank you, Jeff Bezos and to the people of Audible and Apple), and I’m going to finish writing my 4th book! I’m super excited about these two works and I CANNOT wait to share them with you!

What are some manifesting topics you are feeling a bit confused around that you’d like more help with in 2020? Reply and let me know!

I’m going to make sure to incorporate them into my books and in my trainings for you. Have a wonderful week, keep your chin up, and carpe diem!

XOXO Jaclyn