It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Sometimes

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Sometimes


Hey Beautiful Soul,

I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. I spent mine reflecting on my work, reflecting on what the definition of “rejection” is, thinking about my purpose in the world…and let’s not forget, Christmas shopping! The season is well upon us now.

I want to check in with you and ask you how you are doing this holiday season? Reply and let me know!

It’s okay if you are feeling a little down, a bit blue, and/or even stressed out right now.

Basically, it’s okay to not be okay sometimes.

Acknowledge how you feel and make the empowering decision to allow it to pass through you by focusing on your blessings. For me, I love to snuggle with my pets, talk to my sweet chemist, drink yummy coffee, enjoy the cold weather, and write.

What about you? What gets you into the holiday season? Reply and let me know!


For this next year, 2020, I am publishing my money manifesting book (thank you, Jeff Bezos and to the people of Audible and Apple), and I’m going to finish writing my 4th book! I’m super excited about these two works and I CANNOT wait to share them with you!

What are some manifesting topics you are feeling a bit confused around that you’d like more help with in 2020? Reply and let me know!

I’m going to make sure to incorporate them into my books and in my trainings for you. Have a wonderful week, keep your chin up, and carpe diem!

XOXO Jaclyn


Personal Development Books to Help You Grow as a Person



So thankful to be ranked TOP 12 on this list of self-development books!

They also ranked me in the TOP 7 on their list of helpful books to learn how to build long-lasting self-esteem!

And ranked me in the TOP 4 on their list of most pragmatic self-help books for women!

Thank you, Boove UK!

XOXO Jaclyn

Stuck 1

Is THIS What It’s Supposed to Feel Like with the Law of Attraction?

The first time I felt it I was honestly thinking it wasn’t working for me.

The first time I embraced it I was feeling it wasn’t working at all.

The first time I surrendered to it I was feeling hopeless, defeated, exhausted, numb, and I gave up.

Little did I know the process of “surrender” IS sort of like giving up, in a way, or even the feeling of not caring any longer. Because this IS surrendering to the Universe.

You give up, you give in, you let go because you don’t care about the outcome. You’re literally embracing the “however” and “whenever”…and even the “whatevs” of the outcome.

The first time you will think and feel like this isn’t what it’s supposed to feel like, but this is ONLY because it feels foreign to you.

Mastering ManiFasting is a Learned Skill

I laugh when people tell me, “No, you can’t train your brain.”

Oh really? So you think you learned the lyrics to your favorite song and learned how to type on your phone via the skills of your liver?

I mean, if so, PLEASE show me because I love to learn new things!

Mastering Manifasting IS training your brain to relax, trust the process, trust the Universe, surrender instead of trying to control 24/7.

Manifasting IS a journey, it’s the ebb and flow of energy. It’s the wave that pulls back, you feel the tension because you WANT to control your surroundings.

The wave pulls back because a breakthrough is coming…

Manifasting IS the wave surging forward in fast-moving flow of liquid energy because you literally let go of your controlling attempts for a specific outcome.

Manifestations happen in waves, anyway. So enjoy the ride…

and hang ten!

XOXO Jaclyn


Own Your Truth & Own Your Power



Hey Sensational Soul!

I like to give Mastering Your Mindset training in our FREE Facebook group, Manifest It!, and this week it’s about owning your truth and owning your power. Your truth is your soul’s core, your soul’s purpose, and your power is staying on your soul’s path.

Check it out here!

Explore By Journaling Out the Following:

1) Pick an empowering affirmation phrase (make it up or choose one from somewhere) and plug it into your phone to have the alarm go off each morning when you first wake to see it and anchor it in!

2) Answer this question as many times as needed during your DAILY Mastering Your Mindset journaling: I am now DECIDING that the next time I have an emotional flare-up, I CHOOSE to think…

3) Answer this question as many times as needed during your DAILY Mastering Your Mindset journaling: I am now DECIDING that the next time I have an emotional flare-up, I CHOOSE to feel…

4) Answer this question as many times as needed during your DAILY Mastering Your Mindset journaling: I am now DECIDING that the next time I have an emotional flare-up, I CHOOSE to believe about myself…

5) What are some things you can DO to empower yourself and love yourself today?

6) Do you perform these things often? Why or why not?

7) Underneath all of those layers of doubts and fears, what is it that you TRULY want in your existence of being happy? (hint: this is your soul’s core of happiness)

8) What are you NOW choosing to decide for yourself, your soul’s truest core and your soul’s truest purpose?

Remember: practice how you DECIDE to choose to respond whenever those emotional flare-ups happen. When you practice your responses through repetition and consistency on a daily basis while you are feeling more level in your emotions, it makes it so much easier to respond in the moment when the flare-up happens.

Have a great weekend!

Change Your Mindset & You Change Your Life,

Journal Girl Jaclyn

But What If You Embody Into Your Next-Level Self?


Hey Sensational Soul!

Here are the prompts to go with my video (We Level UP & Into Our Version 2.0 Selves)

Journal out the following:

1) Whatever your thoughts and fears are, purge them all out by stating the following: X is no longer available to me.

2) Enough is enough! It’s time. What are some things, thoughts, and/or fears that I KNOW it’s time to let it all go in order to truly embody my next-level, badass, version 2.0 self?

3) What would already be in place as my superhero, version 2.0 self? What would I already think, feel, do, and just BE?

4) Clear the slate! If NOTHING was an object at all, what would I choose to do? Who would I choose to be? What is in my SOUL’s calling?

5) Would it be a bad idea to just start embodying who I really am meant to be? I mean, is it really so terrible to start leveling UP into my version 2.0, badass self?

6) And if so, WHY? What is unsafe or bad about doing so?

7) So now that I realize all of the above, what do I choose and decide anyway?

8) How can I back this up? What can I think, feel, do, and allow myself to BE in order to embody my next-level, superhero, badass, version 2.0 self?

There once was 8…and now there are 6 spots LEFT! The doors are closing again soon, 6-month subscription @ $27, beautiful soul!

Change Your Mindset & Change Your Life,

Journal Girl Jaclyn