Why Are You So Hard on Yourself?


Hey Amazing Soul!

Sometimes having a good cry, releasing all the pressure you build up from your own thoughts you start to believe are true, is necessary in order to thrive. Notice I say “thrive”, not “survive”. It always dumbfounds me when people put on facades in an attempt to convince others they are interminably strong and everything in their life is perfect. What is “perfection”, anyway?

This is not the kind of life we are meant to thrive in.

When you observe natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon, Mt. Everest, and even the Aurora Borealis, do you see perfect symmetry? No! Every year millions of people flock to these places because they want to see asymmetrical beauty. Do you think the Grand Canyon would be as breath-taking if it had only one dimension?

Stop Limiting Yourself, Set Your Limits to be Limitless

Our Universe is limitless, and YOU are made up of elemental particles, the same particles that make up our Universe. Why are you limiting yourself? What you define as “beautiful” or “perfect” is because YOU define it as “beautiful” or “perfect”? Or, are you allowing others to sway your opinions when it comes to the definition of real beauty?

Careful, I could be asking a trick question…

Hint: you’re supposed to reply to me and ask, “What is ‘real beauty’, anyway?”

What you perceive to believe is what creates and you receive.

Beauty and perfection are both perception. That’s all it is. We over-complicate what these definitions mean underneath our layers of fear and insecurity.

For your Mastering ManiFASTing journaling, I urge you to:

1) Finish this sentence stem at least 10 times with 10 different answers: I am being so hard on myself because…

2) List out 4 things you love about yourself (they can be anything and everything).

3) For each 4 things you list, give 3 reasons WHY your 4 things are unique and beautiful.

4) Then finish this sentence stem at least 10 times with 10 different answers: I am a total Badass at life because…

Can you think of anyone else who has what you have, exactly to the Universal formula you entail? Even identical twins have different personalities…

I want to know: why have you been hard on yourself? What do you realize you love about yourself now? And why are you a total Badass at life?

Reply and let me know!

Release Your Fear & ManiFAST!

XOXO Jaclyn


Warning! Not for the Weak

Man Freedom

Stand in your truth, stand in your inner power. Put your blinders on, follow your soul’s compass. Ignore the nay-sayers, ignore your own “stories” you choose to believe at the moment.

Allow yourself to be a Phoenix rising from the ashes, full-force soul power, forget trying to please everyone, OWN your badassery that you KNOW you ARE underneath your layers of fear and doubt.

As long as you aren’t hurting anyone else or taking advantage of anyone, why can’t you be YOU 100%, full on take-no-shit from anybody yet wish them well with love as you send them along their way?

You CAN. You can do anything your soul is calling you to do, the only person you need acceptance from is the person in the mirror when you look into it.

The day you stop looking to others in order to feel ALIVE is the day you begin your journey of living in full FREEDOM.

Release Your Fear & ManiFAST: Manifest Faster!

XOXO Jaclyn

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It’s Never Too Late to be a “Late Bloomer”

purple flowers

Hey Amazing Soul!

I wasn’t going to share this with you, but then I thought: no, I DO need to share this with everyone because I don’t want people thinking success is all a bed of roses and it can only happen to a few souls.

Because the truth is: it CAN and WILL happen to you, too! If you allow it.

Are you still looking around and comparing yourself to others and their own progress? I know…with social media, the Internet, and even the people within your career, it’s easy to get caught up in the comparison cycle in this crazy adventure we call “life”.

But, I’m going to tell you why it’s never too “late” to be a “late bloomer”!

The only time it’s “too late” in life is when you are no longer reading this message with your own 2 eyeballs. If I gave up on myself and my passions after the first 2 or 3 people unsubscribed to my email listserv, well, I would have never published my first #1 best-selling book. And even now, every day people subscribe and unsubscribe, it’s like a revolving door.

BUT…this doesn’t mean I’m not “good enough” to write books or coach my 1:1 clients.

I didn’t used to feel this way until I explored my inner soul and asked myself the following:

Why do I need other people’s approval in order to give myself permission to share my gifts to the world with helping others?

I encourage you to do THE SAME in the above for yourself, Beautiful Soul.

Once you dig a bit deeper and understand your WHY for your need to have approval from others, you can then begin to peel away this need, let it go, and then REPLACE it with your empowering beliefs that end up manifesting into your NEW reality of success.

And it’s NEVER “too late” to release what is no longer serving your soul for your highest happiness. Whatever you are feeling called to do as your soul’s purpose-work, you gotta do it because you were pulled by your soul, the same soul that is made up of our Universe, to DO THIS.

What more of a sign do you need!?

No matter what you do in life people are going to come and go, people are going to have opinions, and people are going to criticize. Let them be THEM, living with their own mindset and their own beliefs, and you be YOU 100%. Be the lighthouse shining your light all around you.

Never move your boundaries because you want approval from others.

Be the lighthouse, attract TO you.

And, though it stems from fear with others, the more success you receive, the more of a target you become. BUT this shouldn’t stop you, anyway! We all have opinions, we are all allowed to voice them…

And you shouldn’t care what others think of you. The only person who dictates how you live your life is YOU. Just last night I got verbally criticized for my own energy sphere. I shook my head and said to myself, “I guess this means I made it.” (joking about the meaning of success, of course!)

You are not a punching bag, you are a gorgeous flower blooming within Mother Nature.

Let people come and go from your energy sphere, let them all believe what they want to believe about your own beliefs. Why would you want to hang around people who really only care about making you feel like crap, anyway?

If you want to talk about “late blooming”…be sad for the people who REFUSE to level up and go for it in life. They chain themselves and trick themselves into thinking they are happy being chained to the gates they CHOOSE to lock themselves up to each day.

It is NOT your job to try and convince others to accept and approve of you. Your job is to follow your soul’s calling, live by your soul’s purpose, and share your gifts to the world because I guarantee you there are many souls out there who need to know about you and your gifts.

Break your chains, toss them aside, and let’s hear you roar with your gifts that others DO need to know about you! Have a wonderful day, Amazing Soul, and don’t forget…


I’m Not Good Enough


Hey Amazing Soul!

Does this resonate with you at all? I know it sure does with me from time to time. But, I have news for you, and a little perspective, to inform you of the truth to this story (watch me in all my glory, haha!).

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Happy Easter, Beautiful Soul!

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Release Your Fear & ManiFast!

XOXO Jaclyn

Do You Have a Moment?

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to love and accept YOU, just as you are?

You matter. Keep going, keep believing, keep taking your daily steps (both mentally and physically) to tweak, polish, set your desired intentions, and plant your seeds, water them, and NOURISH yourself.

You’ve got this!!! I totally believe in you, Sensational Soul! Never ever dim your light because you are AMAZING just the way you ARE! Big hugs to you all!

And remember…

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!
XOXO Jaclyn