The Biggest Lesson I Learned in Love


Hey Sensational Soul!

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I want to share with you the biggest lesson I learned in the realm of love. I feel like someone needs to read this:

The biggest lesson I learned in love is that no matter how hard you try to get another to accept you, love you, and approve of you, you’re still going to need to learn how to love yourself first and foremost.

Only when you love yourself COMPLETELY is when healthy, authentic love from another soul magically comes flying into your physical realm.

Loving yourself completely means accepting all of you with gentle care. Even the traits you may not be too fond of, learn to embrace them. Or, change because YOU want to change for your OWN growth and for your OWN happiness. Never change who you are to please another. Only change if you want to change for YOURSELF.

The right souls are magnetically drawn to you when you embrace yourself 100% with your own self-love.

You are enough. You are MORE than enough. You are a facet that helps to make up this gem we call “earth”. You are needed. You ARE loved. And you ARE worthy of receiving your most IDEAL relationship.

When your soul is ready, your mate will appear.

Have faith in the Universe and trust the process. And have a WONDERFUL day tomorrow! Fill yourself up with love and let it all vibrate from your soul’s core. I appreciate you and I totally believe in you!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn


Do You Settle in Love?

Hey Sensational Soul!

I remember when I used to allow totally different treatment when it came to love. I used to feel as if I wasn’t “good enough” unless a man loved and accepted me. Granted, I was really young when I felt this way; nonetheless, I didn’t truly figure it ALL out until my early 30’s.

I was 26 when I decided I was “done” with men and relationships and spent almost a decade learning more about myself- mainly because I was terrified of getting hurt again by another man. I did, however, grow STRONGER in my self-love, my faith in the Universe, and when I was ready to call in my IDEAL relationship, I did it within 10 months!

I did my Mastering Manifasting journaling DAILY, even if I had challenging days. I never put it off, even if I journaled for only 5 minutes. I journaled with conviction everything I wanted in my soulmate and best friend. I journaled everything I wanted in my IDEAL relationship.

And I spent those 10 months having 100% faith in the process because in the Law of Attraction, you gotta surrender to the Universe’s timing and its how.

There are beliefs about love we tend to hold on to because of what happened in our past.

And sometimes we don’t even realize we are still holding on to them! We think we have our beliefs in the way we WANT to have them about love, but then when we are faced with decisions in love we sometimes go the opposite way for fear of getting hurt again. And sometimes we make decisions because it’s easier, more familiar, and safer.

But Does This Mean We Are Settling in Love?

When I performed my Mastering Manifesting journaling in setting my love and ideal relationship intentions every single day, I was able to ask myself a series of questions to help me discover, uncover, and then release what I no longer wanted to hold on to in my love beliefs. And then I established and anchored in my version 2.0 BADASS Master Manifaster self in LOVE!

For example, I always knew and understood that human beings aren’t perfect. However, because I wanted to look at the most positive things and focus on those in everyone, I was at the same time compromising my own self-respect and healthy boundaries that need to be in place in order to draw in healthy and supportive energy from others.

And I didn’t even realize HOW MUCH I was doing this before I started calling in my soulmate and ideal relationship.

Below is an excerpt from my brand new journal workbook, Don’t Feel Stuck in Love! Journaling Methods to Transform Your Mindset & Manifest Your Ideal Relationship, now available on Amazon!

Journal out the following:

1) True or false. For each of these statements answer whether it is true or false and why you feel it to be so.

• I believe the Universe/God/the angels are on my side. Why or why not?
• I am completely okay with being human and knowing I am not perfect. Why or why not?
• I believe the romantic partner I am currently manifesting is completely accepting of me as an imperfect human being. Why or why not?
• I believe my romantic partner IS on his/her way to my physical realm. Why or why not?

What Is It For You??

I wanna know! Reply to this email and tell me what you discovered in the above prompts. I always love to hear people’s success stories through self-discoveries and with their manifestations.

Manifestations are both in big and small events. So, celebrate yourself in EVERYTHING you discover, uncover, and DECIDE what you CHOOSE to continue to hold on to in your beliefs or release. Either way, you deserve to celebrate yourself because you ARE steps closer to your IDEAL relationship! It’s part of becoming a Master Manifaster in everything in your life, including in LOVE.


PS- I’m offering FREE, EXCLUSIVE training to guide you throughout Don’t Feel Stuck in Love! and below is how to get access to it for over the course of 4 weeks! I cannot wait to help empower you as YOU manifest YOUR soulmate/twinflame and ideal relationship! See you in the training!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

Trust the Process…My New Mantra

Do you have a favorite phrase or mantra that you use? The ones I really love are:

Trust the process
Knowledge is power
Patience is a virtue

I use these phrases daily to help me stay focused and centered while on my soul’s journey in manifesting my current life-goals.

You see, HOW you talk to yourself is crucial to HOW you live your life. It’s so easy to go back to that familiar place of being stressed, freaking out, having anxiety and panic attacks, and anything else that is related to your fearful and limiting thoughts.

I understand how you feel. Life is not always roses and lollipops. Life has its ups and downs. This way of life IS normal, and you aren’t the only one who experiences fear and stress. Understand that mastering manifesting is not a skill you master and THEN everything just magically comes together into perfect harmony. Once you understand that mastering manifesting is a journey (a process), something you continue to LEVEL UP into and GROW with while on your soul’s path, you relax and surrender because you UNDERSTAND it’s not a one-time, fix-all (poof!) abracadabra magical potion. It’s simply not. Once you understand this, you start ALLOWING the Universe to respond to you in a more favorable way.

The Boomerang Effect

The Universe is a boomerang effect because what you emit into it most of the time through your beliefs and feelings will, in turn, come back to you through MORE of the same/similar method. This is why so many people who talk about the Law of Attraction state to STOP thinking and feeling the way you DON’T want to think and feel. I always remind you that 1 thought or 1 feeling you have is NOT going to instantly manifest MORE of the same back to you.

No need to freak out, no need to over-analyze it all, no need to panic.

Rather, what you think and give power to over time becomes your beliefs, and what you believe have responses of feelings that are tied to them. And THIS is what I’m talking about when I refer to manifesting more of the same/similar into your realm. It’s not one, single instance, it’s what you constantly put out into the Universe that reflects to you in a similar fashion.

What are some mantras and affirmations you can start stating to yourself each day? Google positive and motivational quotes and write down the ones that speak to you the most. Like for me, the ones I use above, help me to remain centered and focused with my manifesting mindset so that I can manifest with more ease into my life.

This is so important because life IS full of ups and downs. There is no way around it, no matter who you are on this planet. It is what it is, and this is just the way it is- for now. Change is the only constant in this Universe, so this is something you can DEFINITELY bank on when it comes to your expectations in life! Everything else that you are thinking and feeling, you can SHIFT and change directions, make a U-turn, at ANY time you choose.

Trust the Process!

Your manifestations ARE coming to you, FOR you. The Universe works behind the scenes until its ready to present to you your blessings and manifestations at the most Divine moment in your life. The “waiting” doesn’t need to happen because there is nothing to wait for, you just keep going, keep moving, keep grooving, and each day make a conscious effort to be THANKFUL for everything you currently have in your life, and mesh it with being THANKFUL for everything you are manifesting as already IS in your new reality. And I have a secret to tell you: your “reality” and your “new reality” are the same.

You don’t see with your eyes, you see with your mind. If you are constantly thinking things are “hard” to manifest, then you will constantly believe this to be true, thus you will receive the same effort in return from the Universe. See it all in your mind the way you desire it to be and work on shifting your mindset beliefs- THEN you will come to know how quickly things can shift FOR you as a response from the Universe.

The Answer is Always Yes

Again, it’s not the “if/then” process, it’s setting your intentions in ways you desire them to be as already IS in your mindset beliefs. If you think and believe all the good things happen to everyone else but you, then the Universe says “yes”. If you think and believe that manifesting your life’s goals and dreams are hard to do, the Universe says “yes”. If you think and believe manifesting your soulmate/twin flame and ideal relationship is hard to do, the Universe says, “yes”.

Think of it like a mirror: what you consistently see in your mind is what is reflected to you. What you consistently think and believe is what is reflected to you. What you consistently INTEND to think and believe is how shifts take place, and your shifts are reflected to you. Consistency pays off, big time.

Get over yourself! The answer is ALWAYS “yes”. And we are continuously learning and growing. Embrace the uncertainty and trust the process. Lean onto your faith in the Universe with full-steam ahead. Manifesting is not a diet, it’s a journey. Manifesting is a learning skill. Manifesting IS something you CAN do if you allow yourself to shift your beliefs and practice at maintaining your consistency, daily. Do your daily mastering manifesting journaling, BECOME the Master Manifaster than you CAN become. You can do this!

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Have a WONDERFUL day!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn