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The Biggest Lesson I Learned in Love


Hey Sensational Soul!

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I want to share with you the biggest lesson I learned in the realm of love. I feel like someone needs to read this:

The biggest lesson I learned in love is that no matter how hard you try to get another to accept you, love you, and approve of you, you’re still going to need to learn how to love yourself first and foremost.

Only when you love yourself COMPLETELY is when healthy, authentic love from another soul magically comes flying into your physical realm.

Loving yourself completely means accepting all of you with gentle care. Even the traits you may not be too fond of, learn to embrace them. Or, change because YOU want to change for your OWN growth and for your OWN happiness. Never change who you are to please another. Only change if you want to change for YOURSELF.

The right souls are magnetically drawn to you when you embrace yourself 100% with your own self-love.

You are enough. You are MORE than enough. You are a facet that helps to make up this gem we call “earth”. You are needed. You ARE loved. And you ARE worthy of receiving your most IDEAL relationship.

When your soul is ready, your mate will appear.

Have faith in the Universe and trust the process. And have a WONDERFUL day tomorrow! Fill yourself up with love and let it all vibrate from your soul’s core. I appreciate you and I totally believe in you!

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Journal Girl Jaclyn

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The Secret to the Law of Attraction in Love

Some days I still have to pinch myself. I went from being single for 9 years to receiving my SOULMATE and IDEAL relationship within 10 months of setting my manifesting intentions in love! He came into my life a little over a year ago and things are getting better and better between us.

How Did I Do It?

Read the secret to the Law of Attraction in love below:

▪ Every single day I did my Mastering Manifasting journaling. Whether my day was a good day or a bad day, I COMMITTED to doing my manifesting journaling every single day.

▪ I set my intentions by writing as if he ALREADY was in my life and our relationship was ALREADY in existence. I wrote as IS in the present and/or I wrote as if it already happened.

▪ During each day when I wasn’t performing my Manifasting journaling I would relax, trust, and BELIEVE that he was on his way to me. I completely surrendered to the Universe’s timing and the “how” he would come into my life in the physical realm.

▪ I spent a few times per day and took the time to VISUALIZE he and I together. Whether we were hanging out at home, out at bookstores, the symphony, museums, in Europe, wherever and whatever we were doing, I took a couple of times per day and spent between 3-5 minutes visualizing him and our relationship already in existence.

Here is an Example of My Mastering Manifasting Journaling

My soulmate is so sweet, super freaking intelligent, funny as hell, witty, romantic, honest, extremely loyal, logical and sensitive with a good head on his shoulders, positive disposition, responsible, caring, likes animals, and is always open with his communication towards me (and I towards him).
He is older, European, has passion for his job in scientific research, abundant in all ways, loves to travel, and we are best friends first and foremost. He understands I sometimes like to be alone and I understand his need for space as well. We love to talk about science, history, psychology, poetry, philosophy, and we can talk for hours. He and I have such an amazing relationship because we mesh so well together as best friends who are in love with each other.

Sometimes we go to bookstores during the weekends and sometimes we like to stay at home and watch movies. We like to frequent the symphony and we LOVE to travel, especially to Europe. We love to learn about different cultures around the world and we both have such a passion for helping humanity and animals. We love to give back to humanity and to the Universe by serving through donations, helping organizations for science and medical research, and we can literally talk for hours. We mesh SO WELL together!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Universe, God, and the angels for bringing us together! I fully surrender and trust that the Universe will bring me exactly who I want, or someone even BETTER is coming into my physical realm- and soon. Thank you SO VERY MUCH!


And this is exactly how I would perform my Mastering Manifasting journaling each day. Some days I would mix it up in the details, but this is the overall journaling I performed with setting my intentions into the Universe. And then I would relax, do things that please me, and just KNOW he was on his way to me.

And Guess What!? He IS This Person!

He is 99% of what I would write down every single day- and I am SO VERY BLESSED! I went from 9 years of being single and constantly thinking, “I will never find him” and “it is so hard for me to be able to find him”, to this past year thanking the Universe every single day for literally manifesting him into my physical realm! And our relationship is EXACTLY how I visualized it to be!

Believe Me: Your Soulmate & Ideal Relationship IS Out There!

You either receive EXACTLY what you want; OR, someone even BETTER is coming FOR you! All you have to do is BELIEVE and SURRENDER to the Universe’s timing and the “how”.

Performing this kind of visualization journaling is such a POWERFUL tool in manifesting! So, keep doing your Mastering Manifasting journaling EVERY SINGLE DAY! Relax, trust, believe, surrender, and watch how fast you receive your new reality in LOVE!

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I’m SO EXCITED for you! You’ve got this, Sensational Soul!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

Do You Want REAL Love? Or, Do You Want Control?

Art image by Pocket Art Design.

You know, it’s interesting when you put it all into perspective. I often get asked, “Can you manifest a specific person to you?” And my answer is always, “Everyone has free will, and be glad for this!” Of course, most people ask, “Why?” to which I respond:

How would you like it if YOU were forced to be in a relationship and forced to love someone YOU didn’t want to be committed to and didn’t want to be physical with?

(insert “eck” face when you think of someone you don’t want to be in a relationship with)

When I phrase it like this, then souls reply with something like, “Oh that’s true! I see what you mean.”

But seriously, are you really wanting REAL, equal, fully supportive love? Or, are you just wanting to control the outcome in your love life?

I used to think “real love” meant being in control of the relationship. This was, of course, AFTER being in 3 relationships in which I was BEING controlled all of the time.

REAL love doesn’t mean you are in control. Nor does REAL love mean THEY are in control, either.

REAL love is equal, it’s supportive, it’s full of compromising between BOTH parties, it’s encouraging, it feels safe and positive, it’s open and honest, it’s healthy commitment, and it’s rewarding. It’s a true partnership, a REAL best friendship. It’s REAL love.

Do YOU Want REAL Love?

I know, I know. When you feel IN love it’s a huge rush of intense feelings. Fear is also a similar rush of intense feelings.

Ask yourself these questions in order to DECIDE the most appropriate response for yourself with regards to whether you want REAL love; or, if you really want control (instead):

When I think of the other person, do I want them to be happy, even if it means being without me?
When I think of the other person, do they want ME to be happy, even if it means me not being with them?
When I think of being in my IDEAL relationship, am I making (any) excuses for their behavior if I don’t feel they are supportive or encouraging TO me and/or TO our relationship?
When I think of being in my IDEAL relationship, how do I respond to miscommunication and to life’s challenges we have/will have?
When I think of being in my IDEAL relationship, how do THEY respond to miscommunication and to life’s challenges we have/will have?
When I think of being in my IDEAL relationship, what does commitment look like to me? What all does it entail?
When I think of being in my IDEAL relationship, what does commitment look like to them? What all does it entail for them?
When I think of being in my IDEAL relationship, what does our future look like in the next 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?

These are just a few questions to explore through your Mastering Manifasting journaling around what love really means to you. There is SO MUCH MORE to explore in “shopping” for your ideal relationship. Then, you add your ideal relationship to your cart, click “check-out”, put in your delivery address, and then click “order”.

The”How to” in Manifasting Your Ideal Relationship

After you click “order”, what’s next? You then Master Manifasting even FURTHER by learning HOW to surrender to the Universe’s timing and its “way”. It’s easier than you think, especially because while you “shop” for your IDEAL relationship, you are ALREADY calling your ideal relationshipinto your physical realm.

So the whole process just speeds up without you even realizing it! Yes!

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