Do You Ever Just Feel Like…

Do you ever just feel like, fuck it! I give up. I am done with this shit. This is all just too confusing and I give up, I give in. Universe: however, whenever, and whatever, I don’t even care anymore, please just HELP ME!   Do you ever feel this way?   Be honest. We … Continue reading Do You Ever Just Feel Like…

2 New Podcasts About Fears

Hey Sensational Soul!  Check out 2 new podcasts of mine about fears and how to rid of them: Carpe Diem! Journal Girl Jaclyn

Calling It ALL In!

Hey Sensational Soul! When you wake up each morning, what are your habitual thoughts? Be honest with yourself, now. What are your typical, habitual thoughts while brushing your teeth and turning on the coffee machine? If you’ve answered to yourself something along the lines of producing limiting and scarcity thoughts, it’s okay! We are going … Continue reading Calling It ALL In!

Love > Fear

Love is greater than fear. Love is treating yourself with the tender, loving, care than is healthy and needed each day. Love is treating others by seeing the good in them. Love is telling your fears to go “f*ck off!” each time you feel a fear creeping up to the surface. Love Is Purpose Love … Continue reading Love > Fear

Just When You Start To “Give Up” On It- The Universe Delivers!

I want to share something with you: I manifested SO MUCH into my life last year. I have been currently manifesting MORE things into my life and lately I have been having trouble manifesting something I REALLY want. I have to remind myself that the more I OBSESS over it, the more need and attachment I … Continue reading Just When You Start To “Give Up” On It- The Universe Delivers!