Are You Addicted to the Struggle of Wishing?


I love it when my clients bank- especially after only working with me for 1 week!

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UPS: The Universe Parcel Service


Hey Sensational Soul!

Are you allowing your fears to continue sneaking up on you? Are you allowing your doubts and limiting thoughts and beliefs continue to take hold of your mindset?

What you allow is what continues

Luckily for YOU, your manifestation you ordered IS on its way to you via UPS: The Universe Parcel Service

All you gotta do is relax, trust, and believe it’s on its way!

And how do you do this?

Every Friday in my free Facebook group, Manifest It!, I give empowering Mastering Your Mindset prompts to help identify your limiting thoughts and beliefs so that you are more AWARE of what you are allowing to continue. Here is a sneak peek of what we uncover and discover:

Journal out the following:

1) I believe (insert goal) is hard to manifest because…(answer as many times as needed)

2) When I think about not receiving (insert goal) I continue to allow…(answer at least 10 times)

3) When I think about not trusting the Universe in receiving (insert goal) I continue to allow…(answer at least 10 times)

4) Why? By not trusting the Universe I continue to allow…BECAUSE (explain the whys from #3)

When you’ve identified your whys, you realize it’s your THINKING that holds you to your whys and a thought can be changed at any given moment

5) Now that I know what I am allowing myself to continue to do, I CHOOSE to change my thinking and my actions by committing to follow my soul’s calling. I am now choosing to…(answer at least 20 times)

The doors are currently open to Don’t Feel Stuck! The VIP Manifest It! Group! But this group is NOT for everyone!

This empowering and magically manifesting group IS for you if:

1) You are ready to dig in deep into training your mindset and discovering, uncovering, and releasing what kinds of limiting thoughts and beliefs are holding you back from calling in all of your manifestations

2) You want more in-depth and personalized mindset and law of attraction training from ME and MY detailed and proven methods

3) You are sick of running on the hamster wheel in life and you are ready to empower yourself and break FREE into the world and seriously manifestyour dream job, your ideal relationship, growing your business, increasing your wealth, becoming healthier and happier in your body, mindset, and soul

4) And unleash your inner version 2.0 self that is aching to get out into the world so that you can speed up your manifestation process

5) And the best part? The best part about it is right now I’ve decided to open the doors for only $27 for a 6-month subscription for a limited time!

If this sounds like you, then you are perfect for the group! I’m here to help kick your spiritual ass into gear and you have open access to me and HOW I became a master manifesting badass- and I’m ready to share it with YOU- if you are ready!

Don’t Feel Stuck! The VIP Manifest It! Group

Be sure to check out the description section for the group to join! See you in the VIP group, can’t wait to help you!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn




Be Authentically You


I want to let you in on a secret:

One of the BEST ways to live your life in authentic happiness, thus it speeds up your soul’s wants and desires into your physical realm, is to be 100% authentically YOU. That’s right. I’m talking to YOU.

There isn’t any one person or any one thing that is going to MAKE you happy. So “the one” your heart is aching to be with, “if I just had $100,000.00…”, dropping those stubborn last 5 to 10 lbs, signing an acceptance letter for your dream job, NONE of this is going to MAKE you happy. But what WILL bring happiness to you because you choose to allow it in is by being 100% authentically YOU.

There are billions of people in this world, we all have a gift to share with one another. We are ALL worthy of living our lives in true happiness. Most people fall into the trap of the “if, then” syndrome: if I get this, then I’ll be happy. Or, once I have this, then I’ll feel better.

Listen up, the Universe works like this (and I know you’ve heard it time and time again): what you focus on through your thoughts and feelings, meaning you are vibrating it into the Universe, is what expands. If you trap yourself in the struggle, you are going to get exactly the same in return: struggle.

If you are trapping yourself within the “if, then” disease, it’s time to TURN IT ALL AROUND. And it’s not hard to do at all. It’s actually quite easy to do with practice and you CAN do this.

Ask yourself: where do I want to be in my life 2 years from now? Maybe even a year from now? What do I want to be doing in my life 5 years from now?

Do you feel like you are trapped on the hamster wheel? You are running 24/7 and yet you are STILL in the same spot you were in a year ago, 2 years ago, and maybe even 5 years ago?

I’ve decided to open the doors to my VIP group, Don’t Feel Stuck!, and the best part is it’s only $27 for 6 months of being in it! I’m going to teach you everything I do during my Mastering Your Mindset journaling, the videos and audios I use to speed up my own manifestations, give you even MORE Mastering Your Mindset training through journaling, audios, videos, you have 24/7 Q&A access to me, AND you get to hang out with me way more often!

Want to know what all I do to speed up my manifestations? Are you tired of being on the hamster wheel in life? Are you seriously ready to level UP in your life and within your soul?

This group is not for everyone, I’m going to seriously kick your spiritual ass (with love, of course) because you all know how honest I am. I say all of this with love, of course!

This group is for you if you are tired of feeling stuck in your life, you are tired of feeling confused, hopeless, doubtful, experiencing anxiety and worry, and you are seriously READY to clear away what no longer serves you for your soul’s highest happiness while on your soul’s journey!

And this is HOW I manifested all the AMAZING things into my life including:

My brand new car I got for free (of my choice)!

My new home appliances I got for free (of my choice)!

How I met my beloved icon, Bruce Springsteen!

How I manifested my amazing best friend and soulmate/twin flame after 9 years of being single!

An extra $7K in CASH received (unplanned)!

I dropped 18-20 lbs without even purposely working out (I did it all through Mastering Your Mindset journaling, and I say 18-20 because we fluctuate due to water weight)!

A majorly positive change in my work with the physicists at university!

Being credited in a short-film produced by and included Hollywood, and a Nobel Prize winner!

Published my hugely selling book, Don’t Feel Stuck!, that has sold HUNDREDS of copies to this day (it’s been 8 months since I’ve published)!

Started my own thriving Manifest It! business helping thousands of souls all around the world!

I feel like I’m forgetting things…

Anyway! This VIP group is for YOU if you are ready to transcend into your version 2.0 self, your badass master manifesting soul that you ARE and you just need some help to get yourself into the right direction and speed up your manifestations, and if you are seriously ready to get honest with yourself and break up with everything that no longer serves you for your soul’s HIGHEST HAPPINESS!

When you are 100% authentically you, a gateway opens up for you to be able to CHANNEL ALL of your soul’s wants and desires to speedily make their way into your physical realm. And I’m here to help you on your soul’s truest path of happiness and to teach you my proven manifesting methods!

Whoo hoo! Let’s have FUN and Learn at the same time! I’m so ready to share my methods with you!

Are you ready!?

See you soon! <– Click me! And…

We are NOT promised tomorrow, we only have TODAY so…

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn


2 New Podcasts About Fears

Hey Sensational Soul! 

Check out 2 new podcasts of mine about fears and how to rid of them:

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn