Do You Pace Yourself?

Hey Sensational Soul!

My blog has been quiet for a couple of days because my laptop is finally biting the dust after 6 years of being so loyal to me. I ordered a new one, but it takes a few weeks to get it here (I guess Dell makes them as they are ordered?). So for now, I am using my tablet and an external keyboard that I haven’t quite mastered as of yet. What do I always say? Practice makes for progression and progression brings the manifestation!

Which brings me to my question to you: when it comes to life and accomplishing your goals, do you pace yourself?

I will be quite honest: I have a tendency to work myself to the point of burnout. I definitely do NOT recommend it. Oddly enough, ever since my laptop quit working on a continuous basis and I’m being tested with my external keyboard, it has sort of forced me to prioritize myself each day and pace myself with regards to my creations in helping other souls in the world. Furthermore, I am pacing myself more now with regards to my life.

Where are some areas in life you can re-evaluate and re-adjust yourself, too?


After a lot of contemplation this weekend, I have narrowed it down to 4 top priorities that I consider to be non-negotiables in my daily activities. I’ve decided to go with 4 because I feel like it’s not too much to demand of myself, nor is it too little for each day:

1) My Mastering Your Mindset journaling is crucial because it helps to keep me sane during a crazy busy day. In addition, doing it each day not only empowers me to stay the course of my soul’s truest purpose-work (keeps away the temptation to instead focus on distractions). I am able to stay the course AND hold my end-results into the forefront of my visualizations- my manifestations! Thus, I feel driven, I feel purposeful, and I AM following my soul’s calling. This brings me so much happiness into my life.

2) Ensuring I get enough sleep is also something I am putting as a high priority because, obviously, without proper rest, I cannot function as well nor can I pour from an empty cup in my quest to help so many amazing souls on this planet! Furthermore, I have realized I am drinking more caffeine over this past month in an attempt to circumvent less sleep. In my attempt, I have gained a few pounds.

3) Surrounding myself with positive souls and energy. Each day I crave to read, listen to, and watch motivational and inspirational content to help keep myself into alignment of my soul’s purpose. This includes ensuring I spend time with my sweet chemist and other loved ones in my life. In doing so, I am bonding with other souls who are also in a positive alignment, which makes it easier to stay within the positive vortex, myself. This includes spending time with my pets!

4) Allow myself some “me” time. Now, I realize doing my Mastering Your Mindset work also fits into this category, but I consider that area to be of personal GROWTH. You know, sometimes mindset prompts I explore can be a bit uncomfortable, but I’m practicing getting comfortable with whatever I am feeling uncomfortable about; thus, it becomes easier to grow within my soul and my fears aren’t so scary anymore.

When I say “me” time, I mean relaxing. I mean surfing the web reading articles I enjoy to read about psychology, philosophy, the Universe, spiritual development, law of attraction, poetry, and anything else that strikes my fancy! I also like to watch documentaries, PBS, Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld, Will & Grace, and other shows that entertain me. I love to read historical European fiction, European history, love poetry, fiction novels by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and other works such as The Sparrow, The Time Traveler’s Wife, and the Push Not The River trilogy series (just to name a few). I love to take naps, snuggled with my dog under some blankets surrounded by fluffy pillows, and watching Netflix or some of my most favorite films such as “The Intouchables” (French version), Inglourious Basterds, The King’s Speech, High Fidelity, Lost in Translation, and Woody Allen films, just to name a few!


It’s important to pace ourselves because burnout IS real. It can be debilitating and stressful, exhausting, numbing, and it’s a sure-fire way to bring us OUT of alignment. Over the course of this years I am learning some powerfully valuable lessons with regards to pacing oneself not only in life, but in also accomplishing life goals and calling in all of our manifestations!

Normally I tend to write a novel-length blog post, but today and given my external keyboard situation, I think I will leave this message to anyone who needs these reminders in a shorter length. Hopefully it is still as powerful because my top 4 priorities for me each day ARE what help me maintain my alignment and happiness as a Divine being of this Universe. And what we emit through our thought and feelings vibrations are what we are communicating TO the Universe that we want MORE of these types of thoughts and feelings. It’s so easy for us to get distracted with the “shoulds” of life that we push our soul’s needs and our energy needs to the back burner. It’s so easy to spiral OUT of alignment and before we realize it, we are so far out that we find it hard to get back INTO that wonderful alignment again.

We always get a choice, nonetheless.

What is important for you and for your life?

What are your top 4 daily priorities for your soul?

What are you DECIDING and what are you CHOOSING for yourself in order to get into and STAY within your soul’s alignment to feel good and pace yourself each day?

What are you communicating to the Universe that you want MORE of with regards to your life?

Perhaps, these are some great Mastering Your Mindset journaling prompts to explore for today or tomorrow. Remember:

Change Your Mindset & Change Your Life,

Journal Girl Jaclyn


2 New Podcasts About Fears

Hey Sensational Soul! 

Check out 2 new podcasts of mine about fears and how to rid of them:

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

Obstacles Are Opportunities


Hi Sensational Soul!

Today I was thinking about how a lot of people feel “stuck” in their lives when it comes to receiving blessings and achieving life goals.

Dr. Wayne Dyer explains it like this:

Look at every obstacle as an opportunity.

SO many of us focus on the obstacles, the negativity, the downfalls, etc. The truth is, there IS an opportunity in every obstacle in life. Whenever you are going through something that is not happening as quickly as you’d like, ask yourself, “What is the Universe trying to tell/teach me?” You may not realize it right away, but EVERYTHING happens for a reason!

Your Soul’s Journey

What I’m referring to is the journey of your manifestation. For example, if you want a dream job; but, it’s not happening after so many interviews you go to and participate in (the obstacle). Instead of focusing on thoughts such as, “Will they like me? Am I good enough?”, start focusing on, “Do I like this company? Do I like these people I would be working around 8 hours per day?”

Interview THEM! This is the taking opportunity!

You ARE good enough, but will they fit what you REALLY want? What if not getting the job is a blessing in disguise? Just because the company is “glamorous” or the job pays a lot of money doesn’t mean it holds up to its hype. The Universe wants you to have your dream job, so relax and have faith! Trust the process!

There Is An Opportunity In Every Obstacle

We may not realize it right away, but there is an opportunity. When something isn’t coming as quickly as you’d like, stop and examine the situation. The Universe is most likely trying to make sure you actually want what you want!

Also, it has to rearrange things in order to bring the manifestation to life. But, don’t blindly go down your path. Pay attention to what is happening and think about how you can turn events into opportunities. What is the Universe trying to teach you?

Have faith, relax, and trust the process!

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

The Basal Ganglia, Prefrontal Cortex, & Using Both in the Law of Attraction


Hey There, Sensational Souls!

I’m here to help kick your spiritual being INTO GEAR in order to master your mindset, thus master WHATEVER it is you are manifesting into your soul’s new reality! Today we are going to discuss the power of setting intentions through the magic of the brain’s “basal ganglia” and “prefrontal cortex”.

But before we get into that, I want to ask you something: have you ever stopped to take a pause for the cause and evaluated your manifesting situation from a DIFFERENT angle? What I mean is have you thought about the possibility that you are truly MEANT to be in THIS place, right here, right NOW, because this IS part of your journey in manifesting into your physical realm?

How I Manifested 99% of What I Was Wanting Into My Physical Realm Within 10 MONTHS!

As some of you may already know, I love Dr. Wayne Dyer. Here is a quote from him I would like you to read:

If you think about shortages, you’re going to attract more shortage! If you think about what’s missing, you’re going to attract more of what’s missing in your life.

Dr. Dyer is basically saying: if you cling to your desire, you are only creating a lack mentality; thus, your lack mentality gives you more and more of the same: lack. So the Universe IS giving you what you are focusing on, but you may not even realize that you can SUCCESSFULLY manifest from a DIFFERENT angle.

A Different Angle

If your thought process remains in a “wishing” and/or a “once I am” or “once I have” approach, you will always REMAIN in this energy. And guess what? The Universe completely obliges to your request. So start using the power of manifesting from a DIFFERENT angle.

As human beings, our intentions within our focal point REMAIN in our mind for far longer than our patience can really withstand. So how do you speed up your manifestations INTO your physical realm? Routine. That’s right, routine.

Yep, practice makes progress, and progress brings about the manifestation. I say this over and over again and it’s really quite empowering because YOU are more in control of your outcome than you may want to execute by using your patience and learning skills. Do I blame you? No, not at all. We are human, we want INSTANT gratification. And when we don’t get it, we wonder: when it is going to get here? When will it happen? When is it coming? Why hasn’t it come yet?

You Don’t Have to Be A Scientist to Understand How the Brain Functions

Neuroscientists have been able to identify that our mental behavioral patterns stem from a part of the brain called the “basal ganglia”. This region is vital in the development of our memories, our own emotions, and even recognizing patterns in general. Neuroscientists also state that decisions we make stem from a different part of the brain called the “prefrontal cortex”.

So how can we use these two different regions in our FAVOR with regards to manifesting using the law of attraction?

I come back to the effects of routine. Let me say it again: routine. Consistency. Practice. Habitually setting our intentions followed by taking what I call are “inspired actions” in order to SHOW the Universe what it is you truly desire, which speeds up the manifestation process. But remember, the manifestation process speeds up as long as you are NOT focusing on what Dr. Dyer states in his quote about what’s “missing” within your mindset.

Through the process of habitual thinking, comes habitual mental belief patterns and this can either speed up or slow down your manifestation process. Over time your brain begins to go on autopilot when it is being trained through the process of what I like to refer as “Mastering Your Mindset”.

Just like when you learned how to drive a car, or you learn the lyrics to a song, and even learn all of the ingredients to a recipe, you are TRAINING your brain and your mindset to accept these patterns as quote “real”. By training our minds through mental patterns recognized by our basal ganglia, you are making the DECISION to deem these mental thoughts as BELIEFS, thanks to your prefrontal cortex. And through consistent practice of this mental and physical mechanism, your brain starts to go on autopilot and you no longer have to STRUGGLE to accept that what you ARE doing and how you ARE behaving needs any kind of obsessional clinging.

You just relax, it all becomes second-nature to you, and you allow your physical body to go forward with the motions in EASE. That’s right! You start to OWN IT!

Holy Shift: Science Is Truly Amazing!

Your mindset, your soul, and the Universe work TOGETHER simultaneously to manifest WHATEVER it is you are wanting to bring forth into your physical realm. And you CAN use the power of law of attraction to your favor! Match the frequency of the energy bouncing around within the Universe through billions of tiny fast-moving particles, and you truly DO manifest into your new physical reality! Train your brain, DAILY, through Mastering Your Mindset journaling. Not only is it completely empowering, but it SHIFTS your mindset beliefs from a place of limiting thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions, and TRANSFORMS them into now thinking, feeling, being, doing, and LIVING from a place of total abundance in ALL areas of your life- whatever areas you want! Seriously!

YOU are the master of your mindset, not the other way around. YOU are in control of what you focus on, not the other way around. And YOU hold the keys to your vehicle that is your body. Your soul is your engine, your mindset is the steering wheel, and your feelings are the gas that help you to propel yourself into complete and total Universal abundance! When you TRAIN your mindset with repetition and consistency using a powerful visualization tool such as mindset journaling, you are not only making a stronger case FOR your visualizations; but, you are also literally writing your new reality into existence because you are influencing your own energy into the Universe through the motions of your pen and the ink onto paper. Or, if you prefer to type onto a computer, you can do exactly the same thing as well with your own influence on energy. The Universe IS listening, and it IS responding. The Universe is working behind the scenes and it IS rearranging things on your path to help you manifest what your soul TRULY desires in its TRUE happiness in life.

Your Power Is In Your Choices

You CAN do this! You get a CHOICE, so CHOOSE to start living on your soul’s truest path today! Use the power of your brain and how it functions. And with consistent daily repetition you ARE Mastering Your Mindset and you ARE mastering manifesting because your brain has to work less and less over time with consistent practice. It just all becomes second-nature to you and before you know it, you’ve completely manifested EVERYTHING you have ever desired into your physical realm.

Every day is a choice: do you want to live it in total abundance? I know you do! Time to start living the rest of your life in complete blessings that you ARE going to receive, RIGHT NOW. My purpose in this world is to help YOU realize your own inner superhero and I’m here to help kick your spiritual ass INTO GEAR to help you stay on your soul’s truest path in order to SPEED UP manifesting your life’s desires. You’ve got this!

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn


The JOY In Your Journey


Some of my favorite teachings are from Dr. Wayne Dyer, Buddha, Abraham Hicks, and Rumi. All teach the importance of love and joy in life. All teach that the past is history, so there is really no reason to dwell on it. And all teach that in THIS moment, your present, your life, YOU hold the keys to your future. You create your reality.

Every Friday in our Facebook community, Manifest It!, I give free Mastering Your Mindset prompts to help you SHIFT from negative limiting thoughts and into more EMPOWERING and POWERFUL mindset beliefs.

You get a choice: you can choose to continue to dwell on the past. Or, you can take control of your mindset, take control of your present, and CREATE your future using the power of physics to help you manifest your NEW REALITY into your physical realm.

Here is a sneak peak of my manifesting methods given every Friday in the closed Facebook group:

Today we are going to utilize the power of affirmations! When you write with CONVICTION, and you do it DAILY, you start to imprint into your subconscious what you are consciously training. And then your mindset starts to SHIFT because it feels like second-nature to you. Are you ready!? Let’s do this!

Journal out the following:

1) What are some things that bring feelings of calm, joy, and inspiration to you (it can be actions that you take, smells, colors, whatever)? List at least 15.

2) Pick your top 5-7 things from number 4 and circle them. THEN, each time you perform your mindset journaling PAIR THEM TOGETHER. So for example, if you love the smell of vanilla, light a candle and then do your mindset journaling while it is lit. Another example would be if you love to do yoga, do your yoga to uplift you and then perform your mindset journaling right afterward. Open the channels of training your mindset!

3) What are your daily non-negotiables? We all have busy lives, but if we REALLY WANT our manifestations, we must COMMIT to being consistent with giving ourselves the mental and physical loving care that we DESERVE. So from now on, you are going to have daily non-negotiables. What are they? List at least 5-7 things you are COMMITTING to thinking/feeling/doing each day starting NOW!


Join the group to receive the FULL powerful mindset shifting exercises! Remember, affirmations are used to TRAIN your mindset. And just like in learning how to drive a car, you CAN learn how to drive your mindset. And you CAN shift your mindset from a limiting place and into a more positive and abundant place.

The “Vibrational Essence” that Abraham Hicks speaks of is exactly what I am teaching: getting into your place of JOY and manifesting into your physical realm because you are ENJOYING your journey. When you plead from a place of “need”, you subconsciously push your manifestation AWAY from you. So, get into your place of JOY, get into it every single day. Train your mindset to FOCUS on joy and on feeling GOOD in general in order to reach that vibrational essence of what you desire.

Relax, release, and surrender to the Universe’s timing and the “how” of receiving your new reality. It IS manifesting, the Universe works behind the scenes and as soon as you STOP clinging to the need of your desires…BAM! They instantly manifest into your physical realm.

You’ve got this! I totally believe in you, KEEP GOING! And have a great weekend!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn