Go on a Date with Money, Honey!

In my latest featured article with Clouds+Dirt I share with you some of my ManiFASTing methods about, you guessed it, the magical green stuff! No, not THAT magical green stuff...

Your Journey to Abundance

We are into Training 2 of my brand new FREE Abundance program, Don't Hold Back Your Abundance: the FREE 2-Day Money Workshop! Though, as I announced yesterday in the group, and because I LOVE to give you all surprises, I'm making...

Are You Ready for ABUNDANCE!?

Okay, that graphic looked so much cooler on my phone...but we start the FREE MONEY WORKSHOP TOMORROW! Join here (there will also be surprises) What are your current money energy struggles? Reply to this email or message me on Facebook and let me know! See you tomorrow night for Training One! XOXO Jaclyn


How do you view the money in this photo?   How you view money, in ALL amounts, is the blueprint to either receiving more or receiving less because the Universe operates in a boomerang effect.   What you communicate TO the Universe through your thoughts, emotions, and actions are what come back TO you. The … Continue reading Money!