Need Affirmation Musings?

Hey Sensational Soul! If you are ever wondering how I perform my Mastering Your Mindset journaling in order to CALL IN and manifest my wants and desires into my physical realm, today I'm in a sharing mood! I hope they help you as well during YOUR Mastering Your Mindset journaling. Here are some affirmations I use on … Continue reading Need Affirmation Musings?


Hey Sensational Soul! You get a choice, you get to DECIDE. What do you want in life? What is truly calling for you to have, be, and do before your shell exits this physical planet? You are put onto this earth for a PURPOSE. You can have, be, and do ANYTHING your heart and soul … Continue reading Decide!

Let’s Talk About Mac and Cheese, Chocolate, and Steak and HOW It All Relates to Money!

Hey Sensational Soul! Today I was thinking about money and how souls tend to feel STUCK with regards to the “cheddah”, pun intended because I’m about to start talking about my beloved macaroni and cheese. But first, before this part-Italiana gets into pasta, she wants to remind you of this: Whatever it is you are … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Mac and Cheese, Chocolate, and Steak and HOW It All Relates to Money!

You Choose: Fossil Or Diamond

You get that spark of inspiration. You wait a couple of seconds and the doubt starts to set in. You then think about all the reason why it WON'T work. You are now feeling emotions of dread, slight fear, lack of confidence, feeling like you are not good enough. This is your moment to CHOOSE. … Continue reading You Choose: Fossil Or Diamond

Love > Fear

Love is greater than fear. Love is treating yourself with the tender, loving, care than is healthy and needed each day. Love is treating others by seeing the good in them. Love is telling your fears to go “f*ck off!” each time you feel a fear creeping up to the surface. Love Is Purpose Love … Continue reading Love > Fear